Friday, December 12, 2008

Wider Horizons, Bigger Responsibility

Before anything else, I would like to greet over the internet, (even thoough, I have already greeted her over the phone) my beloved Tita Ann!
She is the reason why I am at De La Salle University - Dasmarinas. She is the reason why I am reaching places (becuase of the cost of the fare going here and there) and of course of my inspiration.
Thank You Tita and Belated Happy Birthday!

Speaking of Inspiration, It has been 1 month today since she said "yes" to me. I would like to greet my floor leader, dawn, a Happy Montsary to you! ^__^
You are the most independent young lady that I have ever meet. You are very free spirited and free minded. That's why I respect and love you. ^__^

One of the most wonderful smile I have ever seen. Thanks Darren for this shot.

It was 10th of December when we are invited to a courtesy call at the House of Representatives by the Committee of Youth and Sports Development, headed by that day by the Hon. Mark Llandro Mendoza, which happens to be my alumnus, in - lined with the Linggo ng Kabataan. This courtesy call serves as the presentation of the event and results happened during the 7th National Youth Parliament last November 7 - 11, 2008 at Development Academy of the Philippines, Tagaytay. 

It was also a venue for our youth leaders to discuss and ask matters that concerns the Filipino youth to the Committee on Youth and Sports Development. 
This is also to wave the support of the National Youth Parliament on the Reproductive Health Bill, the Magna Carta for Students and the SK Reform Bill

Leaded by Commissioner Benjie Oliva, commisioner representing visayas and Mr. Pol Melisa the Chief Operating Officer, we listened to some of the committee hearings wich are  the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Good Government and Sub - Committee on Railways. It was fun, not only being recognized during committee session, but the things that happens during the session. Also, it was a lot of fun meeting the "law makers".

But of course the reason why we went there is for the Committee on Youth and Sports and Development. It's my priviliged to meet my fellow lasallian and a graduate of my alma mater Hon. Mark Llandro Mendoza, the chair of the committe stated above. The presentation was leaded by our NYP President Neil Lim. He presented the accomplishments of the 7th NYP during the sessions and endorsed six (6) resolutions to the House of Representatives. Everything was fun, including the question and answer portion that made us gain additional information and knowledge about certain things and matters.
Some of the Parliamentarians with the Hon. Mendoza and staff for the Committee on Youth and Sports Development

The Plenary Hall, Bigger at  TV, Smaller in Reality

We got the priviliged to be toured inside the House of Representatives, its archives and to the plenary hall. Plus, we have gift packs and now some trivia (hehehehehe) like the oldest and the youngest member of the HOR. And the most special would be the food.

And then, as Manny Pacquaio came in to the HOR, the Represetatives started to came in, and after that, after Manny left the members also was reduced.

We also saw Vidal and Jeffrey. Yey!

Shot with Vidal. Too bad Jeffrey was not around.

After our stint at the House of Representatives and going to Gateway for some dinner. I called Dawn and eventually, it was not like a "private" conversation because it was more of a "work" as she talked to Neil for some updates about the NYP. Too bad Jordan and Jeff was the first two to leave that they haven't the time (and the kulitan moment) to talk to Dawn. After the call, we separate our ways. Aian, Darren and his friend catch a ride to Bicol Region. While Me, Dindo and Neil headed to look for a cab and search for the Adarna Food and Culture. 

Adarna Food and Culture's emblem

It was at the Katipunan road, almost near at the Eliptical Road. When we arrived at the place, Kiko (Bugoy look - a - like), also a parliament member, was waiting for us and welcomed us warmly. 

The place was full of people with advocacies. When we arrived, it was Hon. Lagman, was talking on the stage. I felt excitement of meeting of new people and, believe or not, a little shyness. 

It was a Christmas party, and like an night to honor the Human Rights and the people who supports RH Bill. 

Cheers with Dr. Flavier

We saw, the faculty members of Ateneo De Manila University, who supports the RH Bill, Member of the HOS who also supports the Bill, private individual who has their advocacies and the Son of Dr. Juan Flavier, which by the way confirmed that the attending physician during I and my two other siblings was the sister of the former senator.

Belo only touches our skin, who touces yours?

The night was a fruitful one and opened us to ideas that will give NYP its worth.

We call for the members of the 7th National Youth Praliament. Participate, if not physically, thru new media.
Kung gusto, maraming paraan. Kung ayaw, maraming dahilan.

There is this commitment that bonds us. But there is this responsibility that defines us.

More Photos @:


Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Essence of Life and the Purpose of Living

When was the last time that you felt frustrated because you know for your self that you can do things?
When was the last time you cried just thinking things that you you thought it was like yesterday?
When was the last time you felt sudden excitement thinking that you can help others?
When was it?

November 7 - 11, 2008
Development Academy of the Philippines, Tagaytay
7th National Youth Parliament
(from left to right: Kid, me, Kim [the twin bro of Kid] and Aian)

Yes, my beloved reader....I am part of this event that is being held every two years. Conducted by the National Youth Commission, this event aims to consolidate all of the concerns of the Filipino youth, discuss it and at the end of the event, lobby it to the "people with powers" i.e Philippine House of Representatives and the Senate.
Before the event, I was thinking to run as a Secretary General, but people are saying that I should run as the Floor Leader. But I decided not to file my candidacy, as what my doctor advises me. No regrets about it.
It was a nice experience to be in the parliament, and experience it first hand. I enlist myself on the Environment Committee and elected as its Interim Secretary and became the Vice - Chairperson. Being the Vice Chairperson of a certain committee made me a member of the Ethics Committee, a first in the history of the National Youth Parliament.

I remember during the opening, one said: "there could be other youth parliament....but there could only be one NATIONAL YOUTH PARLIAMENT..."
It was a nice experience for me to be part of this kind of event.

But I was disappointed in some aspects.

Firs,t having the same attitude as the Philippine Congress. I might sound idealistic. But, we are saying all over again that the youth is the future of this nation. When is the future? If there would be change, it should be now! I would like to integrate here what the De La Salle Philippines is saying:
...if even i am not the light, i can be the spark....let me the change i want to see, the change that begin in me...

I'm not saying that everyone should be a Lasallian, but what I am trying to say is that this kind of attitude should be on us my fellow Filipino Youth. Again, while reading this you might say i am a very idealistic person...I am, and I am not tired of being like that. As long as there are people that are not tired of doing things for the Filipino Youth, I will be HOPEFUL for the Philippines.
Second, was the professionalism. I remember the one of the four way test here of the Rotary Club.

Will it be beneficial for those concerned?

I hope this was the goal of the members of the parliament.

Lastly, intrigues.
Actually, i don't want to open this, nor talk about this, but for the sake of sharing the experience... I will just touch some points about it.

About this thing, no one can escape it, even me (is it new for me?). But my recent experience was one hell of an experience.

Last point I would want to indicate, especially to those who do not get to know me...
1. I am a go getter, I a positive way. I want to do things that would be beneficial for others. If I saw an opportunity, I'll do anything to grab it.
2. You can question my personality, but please...don't question my means.
3. Lastly, my motivation is the Filipino Youth and how everything goes in our government, if there is anything else, that's only the icing.

After the 7th NYP, I told to myself: "Hindi pa talaga ako handa sa mundo ng pulitika ng Pilipinas....hindi pa matibay ang dibdib ko..."
So, 2010...will be a pass for me.

7th NYP over-all, was a good one. With some bloopers, met new friends/networks....and most importantly learned to love. In the Parliament, there are two kinds of people....the parliamentarians and the debaters. The Parliamentarians debates about the parliamentary rules and procedures, and the Debaters debates about the resolutions and/or policies. I hope, the future members of the parliament to be both.

But Above all, after all....2 years is what we've got to work on what we have worked in more or less 3 days.

November 20 - 21, 2008
De La Salle - Charles Huang Convention Center, Batulao, Batangas, Philippines
This is the last time we will attend such activity as a class. Also on the same day, COM 41, COM 43, PSC 41 and PSC 42 had their retreat.
COM42, my section, was not that happy because one of our classmate was not able to join our retreat for that person doesn't have a waiver.
Anyway, the retreat was nice and a relaxing experience.
I had stated on one of our session that I need time and space and I am drowning.

I will not elaborate everything here, but one thing is for sure...all of us experience problems in our family. Whether it is big or small, it is still a problem.
And, in my case, I am not only a son, I am the eldest son. So the responsibility is big and my siblings are getting strength from their kuya.

Also, during our made think a lot of things and gave me the rest that I am longing for, the emotional rest. Plus the spiritual rejuvenation that my body is longing for is finally achieved.
Because of this wonderful experience, I renewed my covenant with God about some certain things:

1. I will not be tired of serving first my siblings as their kuya
2. I will be a good kuya, how hard it is
3. I will be a good man to others
4. I will be a man for others, how hard it will be and how dirty it is on the Philippine Politics setting.

What I am referring to the last one is, even though you are not in the political arena, still the process involves politics, especially when it comes to lobbying to some of our nation's leaders.

To end this, I am encouraging you to think....what is your purpose in life? Have you done somethings extraordinary to others lately? Are you still a proud Filipino Youth? You should be...
The fruits of what you are working now may not be visible, but it will show in the future. It is something to be excited for, to work hard for and to hopeful about.


More pics of the 7th National Youth Parliament and The Retreat @

Friday, October 31, 2008

First for 10-08

It's been a while since the last time that I have done an entry. For the whole month of October this will be my first.

That shows how busy I became this past weeks. Trying to cope up with the acedmic requirements and trying to give soultion to some other problems I facing including:
1. Financial
2. Family
3. Academics
4. Health

Who will be interested in knowing these things about me. All i see is that, if I am a popular guy that happens to be in jeopardy, then my blog site will receive more than a dozen of hits.
Anyway, since blogging is more of a "stress reliever" for me, it has been a lot of help to create a channel where everyone can see it (to those who really reads it) and gives advices that really helps me a lot.

1. Financial
Like who doesn't have a problem with it. About Billion of people has it, not only me. And most of the people live in less than a dollar a day. Try to imagine that. That's sucks right?
I remember one news that a bank in London has a debt of a certain amount, like millions of dollars. And that debt is enough to feed those people who lives under the less than 40 dollars a day, for two years.

That's how capitalism was being abused by some people. Anyway, about MY financial crisis, It has been a glorious two college years for me when it comes to financial status. I mean, since the one who supports my studies is at London, she was able to fund whatever needs and wants I have. But since the economic status of UK was on a cliff starting last year, everything was different. I am trying to learn to budget my money that time. But the way you grew up, is really affecting the whole system that you have. If I am going to tell you my story, It will be like another entry. Anyway, finding a part time job a solution, but in the case of a graduating student, you tend to think to prepare for your anticipated graduation.

2. Family
Finally, me and my dad are now reconciled after a heated debate. It was a very stressful and emotional one that it took us one week to cool down.

3. Academics
As what I had said on the last part of number 1, I am a graduating student, and the pressure is on. It now depends on you how to handle the pressure. Everyone is anticipating that you will graduate and help and or support your family, and that's pressure.
Our thesis is really giving us one hell of a ride, and it teaches every student a lesson that one should be remembering once graduated.

4. Health
For the past days, chest pain is killing me. Difficulty in breathing and pain when I breathe are some of the things that I am experiencing right now. But, not until we beat the deadline for our thesis (which is on Nov. 3), that will be the time that I can go to a doctor, and check my status. Honestly, I am afraid to know my health status, and I don't want to leave this planet, in this early stage, either.

Anyway for other highlights, last October 28, 2008, we went to UNIT ASIA JAZZ CONCERT SOUTH EAST ASIA LEG 2008 at the Music Museum. Thanks to Reggie, he invited us to this event together with Ron. So, it was Reggie, Ron, Al and me form the A+3YF Philippine Delegate was able to make it to the event. We also have PJ , Ron's office mate.

The show was good. And the musicians are really good. three of them came from Japan, one from Thailand and one from Malaysia. Plus there was a special participation of Sitti, the Philippines Queen of Bosa Nova (as what Reggie calls her). Anyway, Sitti is pretty and a good singer too.

Upon our exit from the venue, we our able to have a photo from Ms. Sitti.

Then, I grab some dinner at a Japanese Restaurant and off we went to Starbucks to talk unto something.

And we saw Sitti again. And Al, called here like there were close to each other. And some girls was like staring at Al

We went to starbucks to talk about something important, something that will dictate the Philippine Image. (hahahahaha, we are like ambassadors)
We are planning for a singaporean friend, together with her friend, that will spend time with us.
Together with their fraps and my signature hot chocolate, we had talked into many pro's and con's and places and events that we are plotting.
We had considered the time and the efficiency of each places that we will visit.
Got to do a "follow-up meeting" for this one.

Al was kind enough to fetch me to EDSA at around 1:30. Able to reach my dorm at Cavite at around 3:00 in the morning.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paint the World RED!

They say that, if you are on top, there is no way but to go down.
But this week is different from others.
This week was considered as the "worst economic situation" since 1930's in the states.

If you are not updated on what's happening on your sorroundings, i suggest that you should start becuase this will greatly affect your life in the future.
September 15, 2008 was a day to remember when everything in wall street was red, yah, red. As in everything is having a great lost to their asset's values.
I am an expert in economy or math, but if you are try to observe, you must be probably saying: Damn! What is happening to the Global Market?
a 158  - year old company, the Lehman Brothers, filed a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
(Don't know Chapter 11 Bankruptcy? Check this link:,_Title_11,_United_States_Code)

So what's the big deal?
Damn a 158 - year old company, suddenly lose it's drive to the global economy?
You must be kidding me. There is something wrong.
Then now it's AIG.
And in singapore, everybody is getting now there money out of AIG.
Now, there is a panic on the consumer's side.
But AIG says that there is nothing to worry about.

Now, here in my beloved country, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas said that there will be no big worries for the Filipinos.
Just like in the case in Singapore, the worried consumers of PhilamLife, which is a branch of AIG here in the Philippines, is now thinking of getting there money out the insurance company.

And the scenario in Asia, is that, what happening in the US has a BIG effect in Asia. (of course! It's a "global market").
A domino effect that will evetually greatly affect each one of us. 
But I am really wondering is that, why, here in Asia, "they" are saying to don't need to panic at all.

If you have the access to newspaper, television, internet and even radio, try to digest the details of the ecomic situation...
(because I really cannot digest it..hehehehe)

September 17, 2008
was the day that my organization had our first lecture for our members.
It was very informative and tiring on our part (the organizers) but everything is worth doing it.
Thanks to Mr. Toto Villaruel of ImageNation for the wonderful lecture.

Went also to DLSU-M to give our thesis group's letter to the VCA.

September 18, 2008
I started the photo essay that we are supposed to do for our photohournalism class.
I figured out of doing something different from the others.
I am doing a photo essay for a volunteer from CSB.

More details will be posted when I am done on my photo essay.

September 19, 2008
The day of our Editorial Management Class exposure trip.
First stop was the National Printing Office.
Many funny moments in the site.
And also on the Bus number 2 which happens to be a comedy Bar.
Then we went to Print Expo at Pasay.
Got few freebies.
(what can you expect to get, no other than printed papers! and candies...hahahaha)

It was informative on our part.

After that, some of my friends decided to go to SM Mall of Asia to chill and forget about some school works.
So off we went to Starbucks for me to confirm "something".
Hope everything will work in a positive manner.

Then we had dinner at a restaurant near the bay area to witness a fireworks show.
My friends fell in love with it, and some in fact cried because of what they have witnessed.

Then stroll around the mall.
Looked for a gaming center.
Played a little and then decided to go to the newly opened Krispy Kreme. (it is not the kiosk)

When we are looking for a seat when suddenly I saw someone, and she greeted me vibrantly.
The Political Figure! hahahahaha

She is ate Jam. She is an alumnae of our school having a degree of AB Political Science.
She is one of the people who helped me to become the CLASC President last 2007.

Then our group sat down.
We are having fun, and suddenly...

Everyone near our table, including ate Jam's group was like looking outside.
They have seen Elly Buendia (If you are born at the Philippines and in the 1990's YOU MUST KNOW HIM) walking outside
I was like: NO that's not him.
After posing for a picture from someone, he started to walk again, casually.

So I went outside and the BF of ate Jam to look for Elly.
Then we found him at the SM Science....(what do you call that again?)
He was in the cue with his wife and his children.

Then the group of ate Jam followed.
at first we are hesitated to have a pic with him.
But eventually, they pulled it off.

Elly with ate Jam's group

Thumbs Up! Pareng Elly!

September 20, 2008
Off I went again to manila, this time at malate.
It was my first time in the place (I am not a party person).
Cafe Adriatico was the place of the shoot for the second part of my Photo essay.
It was fun. and informative as well. learned sign langauage a bit.
Thanks to Sir Leo and to all of the people of Hands on Manila for the wonderful time!
And taking good care of me!

September 21, 2008
I wasn't able to watch the ADMU-DLSU Game 1 Finals series because i am not feeling well.
Anyway, ADMU won. I hope DLSU can win this thursday to extend the series.

Red is the Theme Here, baby!
Pretty much excited about the return of Heroes: Villains!
I need to watch the second coming episode tonight!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Weeks that Was II

The Saga Continues....

September 10
The opening of the Student's Days in our university.
We had this Ginoo at Binibining Lasalyano 2008

Our male college representative won 1st runner - up and 
our female college representative won the top prize!
Mabuhay ang CLA!

September 11
This is the day when Moymoy Palaboy graced our school to perform on the annual Kantahan, Tugtugan, Sayawan.
Many happened during and after the event.
Anyway, it was one hell of an event.

September 12
Performance day for our stage play
I potrayed Kulas, the lead Character for Sa Pula, Sa Puti.

September 13
This is the day that Macy ( a friend of mine from DLSU-M) and me agreed to go to the 29th Manila International Book Fair
at the SMX Convention Center, just beside the SM Mall of Asia.

I can say that this day was all about waiting in line.
Before meeting her, I searched for a place to eat for my lunch.
Since there is so many creatures in Asia's biggest mall, i decided to go the more fewer people.

I went to Greenwhich and waited for the line. While waiting, I look on the picture gallery of my point and shoot camera.
And then, someone stood in front of me. I thought she is one of the crew at Greenwhich, and she will get my order.
Upon looking at her, i was surprised to see the lady.

                                                         Caught her off guard...LoL

It was Marianne.
The Former President of CBASC and a collegaue.
She works at of of the boutique in SM - MOA.
So we this chat while having lunch.
After our lunch, I urged him to grab some Sbucks, but she needs to back to her job.

So, off I went to Star Bucks for some reasons:
1. To grab a Signature Hot Chocolotae
2. To get an application form
3. To pass the application form and hopes SBucks hire me as a part - time Barista
And then Macy came to SBucks to help me with my application.

After that, we went to SMX, for she is itching to see the books.
And man, the book fair was really one of a kind.
for only 10 pesos entrance fee (8 pesos for Students, Faculty, Librarian and 5 pesos for children)
you got to see wide selection of titles with special bargains and freebies.

Macy, and I didn't used our school ID (anyway, she shouldered my entrance fee).

She was like craving for the Twilight Series.
Damn, I was like saying that she is riding the bandwagon of the book, but she said that the series is really interesting.

So, she bought the series and I was like having a nose bleed because there is SO MANY books. (well, its like my experience in KinoKuniya, this time, it was EXTREME)
Anyway, I planned to buy only one book, The Art of War.
I wanted to read that book, but I have no chance of buying it before.

So, after macy we went to go back to the National Book Store Booth.
Along the way, I am searching for the September 15 issue of TIME magazine, and luckily I found one.
When i bought the magazine, one guy told the person at the cashier: "Bro, kindly give sir a Newsweek poster"
Wow, an big Newsweek poster was given to me.
Not contented with it, i said to the guy at the cashier: "Sir, I am a TIME reader, can i have a TIME poster as well"
And the guy at the cashier was like scrambling to find a TIME poster. After the search, he was able to give me a TIME poster.
That gave me a smile on my face.

When we reached NBS booth, i looked for the book that I am looking for, and i was able to find it.
While waiting for the line, I and macy was looking at some titles, and I have seen many books that really catches my attention.

Since I am on a tight budget, I will ask my aunt to buy the books for me at london. 

     The Next in Line!!!
   Coffee for a boring moment...

Anyway, i was at the line for about 45 minutes.
Yes, standing for a bout 45 minutes (with a laptop on your back).
though the waiting was an entertaining one for me and macy.
Upon reaching the counter, i was like celebrating.
And that was all for one book.
     Supposedly Php 350.00, then it was 20% off...

Anyway, Macy meet her parents near the Krispy Kreme kiosk and me off to the nearest ATM that gave me another waiting experience
for about 15 minutes.
Damn, it takes a lot of patience.
And it is really not easy to walk around an enourmous mall, with your laptop at the back (thank God i haven't brought my DLSR).

                                                TIME and THE ART WAR..great buys!

That day was really productive and sensible on my part.

The Weeks that Was Part I

After 2 weeks of not being in the Blogsphere, I am Back with stories and events that happened for almost 2 weeks.

September 1
It was the Birthday of mother. It's a good thing that she celebrated her birthday, though it was simple. My father bought Ice cream and pizza.
But, I am not Home. I am at my dorm. Alone.

September 2
Woke up with something different on my tummy. Diarrhea struck me.
Consumed almost 5 bottles of Oral Rehydration and 7 trips to the throne.

September 3
It was the proposal defense for our publication company, and it was one of a kind.
Having a proposal defense with diarrhea, Funny audience, nerve wracking judges, intimadting looks of competitors, a cute lady exhibitor and a bunch of publications.
In the end, our Section won the Best Media Kit, Best Booth and Best Publication Company Concept.
Kudos to AB COM42 and to the rest of the winners.

September 4
After a nerve wracking defense, it's now my time to prove myself to the panelist of the 7th National Youth Parliament that will be conducted around October or November this Year.
NYP is conducted every 2 years, and it is a national youth eve
nt organized by the National Youth Commission of the Philippines.
It was a long 40 minutes. Being grilled with questions about our position paper, about me and about anything Lasallian.
It ended like a typical casual conversation. 
According to my source, only 8 will be choosen from the region I currently residing at (IV - A). More than 20 applied from that region.

After that nerve wracking interview, still with diarrhea, went to a Mall in the metro and had dinner with Comm. Camid, Twinkle and Ron (that was late for he came from his work).
Ate at a Japanese Restaurant, I ate like I don't have a diarrhea.
And again, just what happened when i was at Japan, i ate only again 1 sushi. 
(thanks twinkle for the dinner!)

When the dinner was over, we decided to get some coffee. 
(This time, it is on Ron and me)
Then Jarlo came us and had a chat about the politics in mindanao.
That was one of the complicated topics that I had ever heard in my life.
Thank God I was convinced not to run anymore for a public office in 2010.

Ron and I decided to get some tickets for a basketball game, so we did.
But before going to the ticketron, we grabe some DQ.
September 6
Ateneo - La Salle Game!
The most colorful rivalry in Philippine Collegiate Basketball history.
It was Om, Ron, Reggie and Me who watched the game. 
And some friends of Reggie (which I also knew) from DLSU-Manila.

To cut the story short, Ateneo won.

After the game, we hunt down a place to eat.
After minutes of searching, we end up in KFC.
The interesting part is that, the store was full of color blue!
And Reggie and I was wearing green. (Om and Ron are from UP)
Hows that?!
The interesting was the stare on us when we entered. Hahahahaha.

To be Continued

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thoughts from a young Guy

August 31, 2008
Everything is quiet.
Just the sound of the electric fan in my room.
The sound of the keyboard while i am pressing each letter to compose this blog.

I am still not sleepy.
I am forcing my self right now. But I cannot.
Today is Sunday. The time is 1:01 in the morning.

A while ago, I was trying to really sleep that my mind doesn't want to rest.
Maybe because I slept a lot when traveling going back here in our house from my dorm.
So, what I did was I get a paper bag, and started sorting out the content of it. And repair the damaged part of the paper bag.
It was the paper bag that my foster family in Ibaraki - ken prefecture, Japan gave me. And the paper bag contains all of the memorabilia that I had during my stay in Japan.
It was very Nostalgic.
Smiles and tears coming down my eyes as I look on the pictures that we had with my foster family.
The CD contains the Video while doing the udon and soba.
The Sumarai Thing.
Papers from Waseda University and the paper mat from McDonalds.
And a lot more.
Very Nostalgic.
How I wish I have the money, the time to go back and visit the place that made me cry....a lot.

I would like to do things that I never had to do when I was at Japan.
And, additional to that are the newly met friends from A+3YF in Singapore.

But, you may seem to notice...
Why I am so attached to that place?

Well there are few reasons:
1. I am really a goer of Jpop Culture
2. I love Anime and the Music that comes with it
3. It is all about the beat and rhythm!
4. It is just really me...being emotional.

I could characterized as a person that is can be easily attached to one place, once I fell in love with it.
I like traveling.
I like to say hellos.
But I hate saying Goodbyes.

It made me cry many times now.
even though there is a Language barrier, it is the heart that talks.


I had blog last week about life, in general, is amazing.
Yes it is, and yes it will be as long as you are living.

Despite the difficult times that our country is encountering, most especially my family,
there is still hope on everything.
At least we keep on surviving on our everyday lives.
This is really keeping me hyped in my life.
To help my family by the time I graduate.
And do the things I wanted to do, like getting a masters degree.
That's the reason why I like to study, and at the same time work abroad.

I feel frustrated yesterday about the current situation of the Philippines.
I mean, we could have done something about it, if right people are running for the position, and getting elected by the people.
I still don't know why some other citizens of this country still votes for those politicians that are obviously corrupt, self-serving and promote nepotism.
It is really unfair, especially to those Filipino that are bot yet born, but inherit a 4 Trillion debt from the World Bank. How good is that.

In my frustration, I had a friend that I have been talking in the Yahoo Messenger for about 30 mins regarding my concern to the government.
Ranting. Really frustrated.
If only the government listens to the current generation, for we see and experience the poverty that we are encounter in our everyday lives.
I hope the government can hear the ideologies that younger generation have.

I am really frustrated, because you want to do something, you know that you can do something,
but you are helpless because your family doesn't have any political background or allies to start of.
You don't have any "connections" with "someone" so that you could enter the government with ease.

When will be the time that the SK will end it's "Pa-liga" tradition and start moving for a change.
Well, some do....but majority isn't moving yet.
The youth can do something, but please, put it on a good use.
You guys at SK are the ones who had the privilege and opportunity to represent the youth and serve the country.
Put the fund into good use.
I am not saying "Pa - liga" is not a good project, but I believe there are better.
Try to hype the youth in your place on helping the country, having the sense of responsibility on their environment and how they can improve there lives.
So that SK can help the effort of some government agencies, that often have a low budget, can push its advocacy.

I hope that in 2010, we will elect the right person to vote...
from executive position down to the legislative....even to barangay captains.
(if you want to discuss Philippines politics just tell me)

My sense of nationalism is still there.
That's the reason why I am frustrated.
I love the Philippines, and I will continue as long as I am living.


When I arrived here in Laguna, I relaxed after a week of hardships.
There is no place like home.
So started pigging out, by eating a lot cooked by mom.

And today, September 1, 2008
It is her 45th birthday.

I really, really love my mom.
She has been there for me to support me in my endeavors, including my father and aunt of course.

But since I have a class every Monday, I will not be joining them on a simple celebration.
I will have to call, and prepare something for my mom when I get back again in our house.
How I wish, I have many money, so that she could relax on a spa and have a full body massage.
She have been working hard for our family, together with my father.
My mother is a School Registrar and that keep my two younger siblings to go to school.

Despite the fact that she is at Laguna right now, and I am here all alone here in my dorm in Cavite...
I make it sure that I greeted here before I left our house and greeted her again while I am here in Cavite.

Happy Birthday Ma!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life in General is Amazing

Actually, I am not supposed to this blog. Because, while watching the closing ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, I am doing an entry.
But someone has opened my laptop and this morning,
I then discovered that my entry is missing.

Anyway, I will try to restate everything that have written last night.

Life After the Life Changing Story
On August 28, will be 1 month since youth from ASEAN, China, Japan and Korea gathered to Singapore and talk about Entrepreneurship/Employment, Education,Engagement and Environment.
It will be 1 month since friendship (and also some other things) started. And because of this many starting to invite each others to visit each own's country and relieve the experience.
It has been my honour to represent the Philippines in such events that will eventually contribute to the lives of my Filipino youth.
So, what's next? As for us in the Philippines, I believe that the National Youth Commission is cooking something out of the A+3YF.
My next endeavour would be a National Gathering of Youth in the Philippines (Another entry will discuss this), I am now on the screening stage. I hope I could pass the screening process.

Life After 8.8.08
It has been a colourful and exciting Beijing 2008 Olympics. So far, they hold the record of the most expensive Olympics with 20 Billion Dollars. The most extravagant Olympics.
And the most ellaborative details ever.
As for the Philippines, the delegates will go back in the country will be empty-handed but not degraded. They have shown what is the Filipino spirit is all about.
Technically speaking, the country is empty handed, but actually, the Philippines is not empty handed.
Willy Wang is 4 other Philippine delegates to the wushu exhibition/demonstration got medals. Especially Wang that won the Gold.
This is not the first time that this happened to the country. Way back in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the Philippines got Gold in Bowling.
Though during that time, Bowling was an exhibition sports.

I believe the government should put attention to the training of the athletes, instead of adding incentives who will ever get a Gold medal in the Olympics.
The training of the athletes is not only months or one year, but it will take more than 2 years.
I also hope that some government-owned corporations, that is mandated by the constitution, will give its contribution to the sports development fund of the Philippines.

People, especially some politicians, says that the Philippines has a lot of potential. But it will not happen if personal interest will be layed in the tables.
Also The Philippines, will not materialize the potential that they are saying, if the government will not invest to the youth.
For God's sake, try to think how many Filipinos now. Almost 93 Million! And how many of those are aged 15 - 35? (It's the age of "youth" in the Philippines)

Anyway, China has started and ended the Beijing 2008 Olympics with style, and setting the trend.
That London declared already that they cannot topped what China did, but will stage a great Olympics.

The double decker bus, Leona Lewis, Jimmy Page, David Beckham and people of London gave everyone the preview on what to see for the 2012 Olympics.
If the approach of Beijing is cultural, the approach of London is more on pop.
With is contreversial Logo, the 2012 London Olympics will be a great one as countries will relieve the Olympic Spirit.

Life for Waiting the 2012 London Olympics and Other dates to remember

It will be a fun to watch it live during that time.
So, why I am talking about it?
Well, London is on my list as one of the places/countries that I need to go before I die. Vatican (Holy See) as the number one.
Another one, is that my Aunt is there. I have the advantage of staying there, or living there for good. Let us see what times can say.

Next to the 2012 London Olympics will be the 2016 Olympics. And I hope that Tokyo will have it.
So that I can go back to Japan, and I have my "homecoming" in Ibaraki - ken prefecture, Japan.
I really miss my foster family, some people and special someone.

But who ever know, my "homecoming" will be early and can happen as soon as I graduate in College.

But before 2012 and 2016...will be the Singapore Youth Olympics 2010.
I really don't know if I will be able to go to Singapore this year, as I may pursue a Master Degree.

But then again, we may never know. And I may see again some Singaporean friends and maybe some other A+3YF delegates.

Life during a busy life

Busy. This is what I can say on my life as a Graduating student.
Many says that i don't speak (and look) like 19. I speak like 25 or older.
But seriously, life for me right now is very, very ok. Despite of the difficulties that the Philippines is experiencing.
I have been lucky enough to experience some things that made me a better person.

This week is our Midterm examination, and this week is giving us one hell of a week (again).
Even though we have only two written examination this term, we have many paper works and a stage play to pass.
But this is not making me panic, even though I can feel the pressure.

Life in general is amazing.
It can give you many experience.
About Love, Sorrowness and how you can handle the Pressure.
It can teach you so many things that, all you can do is to select what you can learn.
Because, you can have information overload.

Right now, I am learning the lesson called "Prioritize".
I am trying to plot now my future with this leeson..
as much as I want to do the things that I want to do...
I have this thing called "responsibility" on my family.
Especially to my brother.

Friday, August 8, 2008

And the Z monster is after me (created: August 7)

Today is
August 7, 2008

For the past days, I noticed that I am being hooked to this kind of snack:

It's takoyaki. It was being sold in front of our school. For the past months, I haven't paid that much attention to the vendor. Maybe I am too busy. But for about 1 month now, I an buying this snack almost everyday.
So right now, while doing this blog, I am at my classmate/friend/thesis mate's house. For a short background, in our thesis group, we are three

So what are we doing right now?

We are having a "formal break". (There are sine breaks in between of our discussions). Anyway, we are sharing the spaghetti that the owner of the house had prepared for us.

Our thesis is a comparative analysis towards Traditional Media (Print, Radio, Television) and New Media (Blog, Podcast and Vidcast). I could say that we are having some difficult time on finding the perfect review of related literature because what we are doing is a "not-so-popular" topic to study in the Philippines.

It's nice to have chat with them, talking from how good is the shape of my nose to a little story of my return to Singapore.

As what I expected today, my nose bleeds again for the nth time. It normally happens when my body temperature changes. The weird part is that the only part the bleeds is the left part.

Anyway, going back to the thesis scenario, thanks to the help of an energy drink that helps me awakened and at the same time keeps my mind functioning well.

I am really lucky to have this people around me that it keeps research writing a "not-so-boring" subject. I really enjoy what we are doing right now. As what my thesis professor said at the start of the semester, enjoy every moment and learn from it.

Tomorrow, (August 8) will be the submission of what we are doing now. It's a good things that all we have to do is to revise some parts. (actually, on what I have seen, there's a lot of red marks...hahahaha)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jackner John: Chronicles of My Return to Singapore (Posted on July 28)

Entry number 1
July 28, 2008
NAIA Terminal 1
Gate 16

I am here at an empty space.

While waiting for the gate to open and some boarding announcements, it's relieving to think the memories that I have with this very spot.

It’s nice to have my mom as we have a dinner date. She also helped me packed my things
My mom accompanied me to the airport. She slept at my dorm and we left at around 2:00 am. Pretty early. It was a fast travel to the airport.

A few months back, I am here with fellow Filipino youth Delegates for the JENESYS Programme. There are so many people, chatting, laughing, and waiting.

But right now, I am waiting, all alone.

Sometimes, it nice to be alone, you can contemplate o
n the things that you have done in the past. But that will suddenly hit you with happy memories, that you have companions.

When I arrive at Changi International Airport, I’ll be waiting for 2 more hours for my other co-Filipino Youth Delegates.

Entry number 2
July 28, 2008

While I am doing this, I am using this thing :
Cebu Pacific uses Air Bus. It's good but you cannot avoid "rocky roads".
While in the flight, I have met two people, (Ate means older girl) Ate Cel and Ate Cherry.
(left: Ate Cherry, Right: Ate Cel)

The first one will work as a nurse at a hospital here in singapore the latter will meet her German BF.
While we are in the flight, ate cel got sick. So I offered her some help. Ate Cherry also helped, since we sat on the same row. (I am on the aisle)
The whole trip was like a drama programme episode featuring the story of ate Cherry. And with some touching moments by ate cel. (She had a new born baby, and she needs to leave the philippines to work)
Upon the conversation, we discovered that ate cel's husband work also here in singapore as a civil engineer.
it was a 3 hour flight (and its delayed). And since I am on a budget flight, CebuPac landed on the Budget terminal. How logical.
Upon arriving, I am worrying because I needed to go to terminal 1 to meet with other delegates (i am ahead of a few hours), but to my surprise, someone is holding a whiteboard with my name on it.
It was Ervin, from singapore who happens to be our guide (LO). He is so accommodating and kind.
Anyway, he accompanied me to the airport. While on the road, we had talked about his visit to UP and my trip to Singapore last year.
While doing this blog, other Filipino Youth Delegates arrived (that's the reason why this blog was unfinished a while ago).
Later we will have a Opening program on our dinner.
And here it starts, the ASEAN + 3 Youth Festival.

Back to the Philippines

Yesterday (August 4, 2008), I arrived in NAIA Terminal 3 at around 5:00am. Thanks for the delayed flight of Cebu Pacific that made me sleepless for about 2 hours at the budget terminal of Changi Airport.

Anyway, Phoebe and Ervin accompanied me at the Budget Terminal while waiting for boarding announcements.

Ervin needed to go first and then Phoebe. Thanks to both of you for spending time with me and thanks Phoebe for the mint and the "rumor" conversation. Hahaha

Im also a Facebooker now! You could search me at Facebook with my full name.

I have bought a book at Singapore entitled "Singlish".

This pocket book is all about the language of singaporeans on a day-to-day basis with a sense of humour. Also on this book, you could find some of Singapore's Culture and Traditions, in a nutshell.

The intersting part of the book that I have read is that when you tap the back of your opposite sex, it's like your flirting with the person.
Here's the catch, I usually do tapping at the back of any person that I know to let them feel comfortable.
And about 30% of the delegates of A+3YF of my opposite sex had been tapped in the back of yours truly.
For the record, I am not flirting with them. Hahahaha.

A+3YF was a great experience for me. It made me a better person, I guess. And it let me expand my horizon on certain things.
For the Second time, I have been to Singapore, but this time around, it has been a really special one. For I have met incridible people. By this, it made me feel sad of ending the programme. But as what they say, you must go on with your life. People come, and go. And some will remain. But I would want to think that everyone should remain in my life for they are nre found friends that let me explore the world on wider perspective.
I have just the money and the time, I could have been in Korea, Japan or Vietnam right now. But I cannot.

Upon returning in the Philippines, my mother waited for me at the airport and off we went to my dormitory at Cavite. Just slept for about 3 hours and immediately took a bath to attend my Major class that has its own way of welcoming me back, A quiz. With my stock knowledge and a help from my academic hunch, I was able to pull it off. Haven't known the score yet.

Everything was nice, I wish it haven't ended. But it should. I am saying to myself that for the Third time, I'll be at Singapore again and see my friends, and have fun with them, To all that made me feel nice during my stay at Singapore, To those who have graced my Lenses and to the people behind the Festival, Thank you Very, Very, Very much!