Saturday, April 4, 2009

How Does It Feel?

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Over the past days, the talk of the town was the article written by Chip Tsao “War at Home”. It made a big buzz, that Rep. Roilo Golez of my hometown 2nd District, Paranaque City that he is challenging Chip Tsao on a 1 round boxing match. That was quite irrelevant, but the thing here is that the article, according to the publisher and to Chip Tsao, was satirical. I beg to disagree. That was a clear racism. What’s with the statement on the article: “you don’t flex muscle to your master”? That was not taught by our Journalism teacher, or is it under a new curriculum?

Another one that caught my attention was during the podcast interview of Sen. Pia Cayetano to the Goodtimes w/ Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee. Mojo and Grace opened to Sen. Cayetano that the Explainer himself, Manolo Quezon III, said that Filipinos should not be reacting to the satirical article of Chip Tsao if we are not educated or something like that. I encourage you guys to download that episode of the podcast. Anyway, it was also said to that podcast that the Explainer should not be defending that guy, and he is known to be a nationalist so why he is doing such things. Again, all was in the podcast and I have not really heard Manolo Quezon III said this, but it was really a buzz.

Anyway, when I heard about this Chip Tsao guy is that he should really apologize, which he did (that doubt if he is really sincere about that). But the problem is this, when the Filipinos are being attacked by other country or nationality when it comes to our race, professionalism, careers, image, we suddenly get enraged and the “resbak” attitude comes out. But when us, Filipinos, attack our fellow Filipinos in the fields that I have mentioned, we are like people that has a first taste of a gun, being trigger happy and firing on that person. What I meant is the thing we have for Igorot, Cebuano, Bisaya, Ilokano, Ilonggo and the list goes on. Yes, maybe some of them are satirical, but some are like below the belt. I am not saying here that we are like this, but most of us also have this prejudice with our fellow Filipinos.

By the issue about Chip Tsao, this may serve as a lesson for us Filipinos on respecting others, and let us, somehow, remove our prejudices to our fellow Filipinos. Sino pa ba ang magmamahalan kung hindi tayo – tayo din. Ok lang kung school wars. =)

And to Chip Tsao, he should take some lessons about the nautical mile and the international law and the Philippine law for that. If that will be the case, Sabah, Malaysia is part of the Philippines…Historically and legally.

I love my country, and we should, those who are reacting to the article of Chip Tsao are really doing their allegiance to our beloved country. By that, please Philippines let us not make our country a banana republic. This 2010 we have the chance to change everything. Our country has a lot of potential…let us not leave it like that. We can do it, we can make a difference.

Let us be the change we want to see.

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Damn Heroes and House MD!
This week episode was really good! Damn!

Heroes this week focuses on the alliance of Dango and Sylar. Damn this two bastard. Anyway, Claire and Nathan are into in asylum at Mexico. And Nathan doesn’t know how to fix the shit that he created. On the other hand, Anglela and Peter were in the church to have an answer, while Angela struggles to sleep and use her powers. I hope Ando and Hiro can bring Matt Parkman Jr. to Peter so that the baby could fix Peter.

The team behind House MD are sick! Damn! The concept of having the First Person Camera Angle was COOL! Damn! As a communication graduate, that was awesome. And the case was interesting. The patient losses his connection to his body, except for his eyes that serves as the means of communication to the doctors. At first House thought it was cancer, then poisoning, but it was because of an open wound that was infected of the rat pee. It was Kutner that solved the case, but generously credited it to Taub to save his ass. But House knew it, and decided to keep Taub on the team because, Taub will do anything, including to lie just keep his job.

Milka send a message via SMS, and it says (In English):

What if this is the last day of my life, what are the three things that you haven’t told me yet that you might as well say?

What I did was, I send it to some of the people at my phonebook

And here are some of their answers:

You are great
You have a good heart
I had a crush on you before

You are of the reasons I smile when I think of DLSU – D
You have a good heart
You are too conscious of your image that you forget to be yourself

You act Matured
You are a little boastful, though I super appreciate you as my brother

I love the way you smile
If you have problems, you can always run into me. Except for Politics and Money
I might cry if you really die

These are some of the answers that I had, and they made me smile. It gave me the thought of the irony of life. When you are living, people will destroy you. But when you are dying or dead, they will say good things about you.

Sometimes, I think of what if I am dying, will people love me and care for me? All my life, for the past 19 years, all I did was to love and not expecting in return. That’s how love. This time, is the time for me to expect?

Anyway, I also would want to ask you the same question, what if this is the last day of my life, what are the three things that you haven’t told me yet that you might as well say?