Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paint the World RED!

They say that, if you are on top, there is no way but to go down.
But this week is different from others.
This week was considered as the "worst economic situation" since 1930's in the states.

If you are not updated on what's happening on your sorroundings, i suggest that you should start becuase this will greatly affect your life in the future.
September 15, 2008 was a day to remember when everything in wall street was red, yah, red. As in everything is having a great lost to their asset's values.
I am an expert in economy or math, but if you are try to observe, you must be probably saying: Damn! What is happening to the Global Market?
a 158  - year old company, the Lehman Brothers, filed a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
(Don't know Chapter 11 Bankruptcy? Check this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chapter_11,_Title_11,_United_States_Code)

So what's the big deal?
Damn a 158 - year old company, suddenly lose it's drive to the global economy?
You must be kidding me. There is something wrong.
Then now it's AIG.
And in singapore, everybody is getting now there money out of AIG.
Now, there is a panic on the consumer's side.
But AIG says that there is nothing to worry about.

Now, here in my beloved country, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas said that there will be no big worries for the Filipinos.
Just like in the case in Singapore, the worried consumers of PhilamLife, which is a branch of AIG here in the Philippines, is now thinking of getting there money out the insurance company.

And the scenario in Asia, is that, what happening in the US has a BIG effect in Asia. (of course! It's a "global market").
A domino effect that will evetually greatly affect each one of us. 
But I am really wondering is that, why, here in Asia, "they" are saying to don't need to panic at all.

If you have the access to newspaper, television, internet and even radio, try to digest the details of the ecomic situation...
(because I really cannot digest it..hehehehe)

September 17, 2008
was the day that my organization had our first lecture for our members.
It was very informative and tiring on our part (the organizers) but everything is worth doing it.
Thanks to Mr. Toto Villaruel of ImageNation for the wonderful lecture.

Went also to DLSU-M to give our thesis group's letter to the VCA.

September 18, 2008
I started the photo essay that we are supposed to do for our photohournalism class.
I figured out of doing something different from the others.
I am doing a photo essay for a volunteer from CSB.

More details will be posted when I am done on my photo essay.

September 19, 2008
The day of our Editorial Management Class exposure trip.
First stop was the National Printing Office.
Many funny moments in the site.
And also on the Bus number 2 which happens to be a comedy Bar.
Then we went to Print Expo at Pasay.
Got few freebies.
(what can you expect to get, no other than printed papers! and candies...hahahaha)

It was informative on our part.

After that, some of my friends decided to go to SM Mall of Asia to chill and forget about some school works.
So off we went to Starbucks for me to confirm "something".
Hope everything will work in a positive manner.

Then we had dinner at a restaurant near the bay area to witness a fireworks show.
My friends fell in love with it, and some in fact cried because of what they have witnessed.

Then stroll around the mall.
Looked for a gaming center.
Played a little and then decided to go to the newly opened Krispy Kreme. (it is not the kiosk)

When we are looking for a seat when suddenly I saw someone, and she greeted me vibrantly.
The Political Figure! hahahahaha

She is ate Jam. She is an alumnae of our school having a degree of AB Political Science.
She is one of the people who helped me to become the CLASC President last 2007.

Then our group sat down.
We are having fun, and suddenly...

Everyone near our table, including ate Jam's group was like looking outside.
They have seen Elly Buendia (If you are born at the Philippines and in the 1990's YOU MUST KNOW HIM) walking outside
I was like: NO that's not him.
After posing for a picture from someone, he started to walk again, casually.

So I went outside and the BF of ate Jam to look for Elly.
Then we found him at the SM Science....(what do you call that again?)
He was in the cue with his wife and his children.

Then the group of ate Jam followed.
at first we are hesitated to have a pic with him.
But eventually, they pulled it off.

Elly with ate Jam's group

Thumbs Up! Pareng Elly!

September 20, 2008
Off I went again to manila, this time at malate.
It was my first time in the place (I am not a party person).
Cafe Adriatico was the place of the shoot for the second part of my Photo essay.
It was fun. and informative as well. learned sign langauage a bit.
Thanks to Sir Leo and to all of the people of Hands on Manila for the wonderful time!
And taking good care of me!

September 21, 2008
I wasn't able to watch the ADMU-DLSU Game 1 Finals series because i am not feeling well.
Anyway, ADMU won. I hope DLSU can win this thursday to extend the series.

Red is the Theme Here, baby!
Pretty much excited about the return of Heroes: Villains!
I need to watch the second coming episode tonight!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Weeks that Was II

The Saga Continues....

September 10
The opening of the Student's Days in our university.
We had this Ginoo at Binibining Lasalyano 2008

Our male college representative won 1st runner - up and 
our female college representative won the top prize!
Mabuhay ang CLA!

September 11
This is the day when Moymoy Palaboy graced our school to perform on the annual Kantahan, Tugtugan, Sayawan.
Many happened during and after the event.
Anyway, it was one hell of an event.

September 12
Performance day for our stage play
I potrayed Kulas, the lead Character for Sa Pula, Sa Puti.

September 13
This is the day that Macy ( a friend of mine from DLSU-M) and me agreed to go to the 29th Manila International Book Fair
at the SMX Convention Center, just beside the SM Mall of Asia.

I can say that this day was all about waiting in line.
Before meeting her, I searched for a place to eat for my lunch.
Since there is so many creatures in Asia's biggest mall, i decided to go the more fewer people.

I went to Greenwhich and waited for the line. While waiting, I look on the picture gallery of my point and shoot camera.
And then, someone stood in front of me. I thought she is one of the crew at Greenwhich, and she will get my order.
Upon looking at her, i was surprised to see the lady.

                                                         Caught her off guard...LoL

It was Marianne.
The Former President of CBASC and a collegaue.
She works at of of the boutique in SM - MOA.
So we this chat while having lunch.
After our lunch, I urged him to grab some Sbucks, but she needs to back to her job.

So, off I went to Star Bucks for some reasons:
1. To grab a Signature Hot Chocolotae
2. To get an application form
3. To pass the application form and hopes SBucks hire me as a part - time Barista
And then Macy came to SBucks to help me with my application.

After that, we went to SMX, for she is itching to see the books.
And man, the book fair was really one of a kind.
for only 10 pesos entrance fee (8 pesos for Students, Faculty, Librarian and 5 pesos for children)
you got to see wide selection of titles with special bargains and freebies.

Macy, and I didn't used our school ID (anyway, she shouldered my entrance fee).

She was like craving for the Twilight Series.
Damn, I was like saying that she is riding the bandwagon of the book, but she said that the series is really interesting.

So, she bought the series and I was like having a nose bleed because there is SO MANY books. (well, its like my experience in KinoKuniya, this time, it was EXTREME)
Anyway, I planned to buy only one book, The Art of War.
I wanted to read that book, but I have no chance of buying it before.

So, after macy we went to go back to the National Book Store Booth.
Along the way, I am searching for the September 15 issue of TIME magazine, and luckily I found one.
When i bought the magazine, one guy told the person at the cashier: "Bro, kindly give sir a Newsweek poster"
Wow, an big Newsweek poster was given to me.
Not contented with it, i said to the guy at the cashier: "Sir, I am a TIME reader, can i have a TIME poster as well"
And the guy at the cashier was like scrambling to find a TIME poster. After the search, he was able to give me a TIME poster.
That gave me a smile on my face.

When we reached NBS booth, i looked for the book that I am looking for, and i was able to find it.
While waiting for the line, I and macy was looking at some titles, and I have seen many books that really catches my attention.

Since I am on a tight budget, I will ask my aunt to buy the books for me at london. 

     The Next in Line!!!
   Coffee for a boring moment...

Anyway, i was at the line for about 45 minutes.
Yes, standing for a bout 45 minutes (with a laptop on your back).
though the waiting was an entertaining one for me and macy.
Upon reaching the counter, i was like celebrating.
And that was all for one book.
     Supposedly Php 350.00, then it was 20% off...

Anyway, Macy meet her parents near the Krispy Kreme kiosk and me off to the nearest ATM that gave me another waiting experience
for about 15 minutes.
Damn, it takes a lot of patience.
And it is really not easy to walk around an enourmous mall, with your laptop at the back (thank God i haven't brought my DLSR).

                                                TIME and THE ART WAR..great buys!

That day was really productive and sensible on my part.

The Weeks that Was Part I

After 2 weeks of not being in the Blogsphere, I am Back with stories and events that happened for almost 2 weeks.

September 1
It was the Birthday of mother. It's a good thing that she celebrated her birthday, though it was simple. My father bought Ice cream and pizza.
But, I am not Home. I am at my dorm. Alone.

September 2
Woke up with something different on my tummy. Diarrhea struck me.
Consumed almost 5 bottles of Oral Rehydration and 7 trips to the throne.

September 3
It was the proposal defense for our publication company, and it was one of a kind.
Having a proposal defense with diarrhea, Funny audience, nerve wracking judges, intimadting looks of competitors, a cute lady exhibitor and a bunch of publications.
In the end, our Section won the Best Media Kit, Best Booth and Best Publication Company Concept.
Kudos to AB COM42 and to the rest of the winners.

September 4
After a nerve wracking defense, it's now my time to prove myself to the panelist of the 7th National Youth Parliament that will be conducted around October or November this Year.
NYP is conducted every 2 years, and it is a national youth eve
nt organized by the National Youth Commission of the Philippines.
It was a long 40 minutes. Being grilled with questions about our position paper, about me and about anything Lasallian.
It ended like a typical casual conversation. 
According to my source, only 8 will be choosen from the region I currently residing at (IV - A). More than 20 applied from that region.

After that nerve wracking interview, still with diarrhea, went to a Mall in the metro and had dinner with Comm. Camid, Twinkle and Ron (that was late for he came from his work).
Ate at a Japanese Restaurant, I ate like I don't have a diarrhea.
And again, just what happened when i was at Japan, i ate only again 1 sushi. 
(thanks twinkle for the dinner!)

When the dinner was over, we decided to get some coffee. 
(This time, it is on Ron and me)
Then Jarlo came us and had a chat about the politics in mindanao.
That was one of the complicated topics that I had ever heard in my life.
Thank God I was convinced not to run anymore for a public office in 2010.

Ron and I decided to get some tickets for a basketball game, so we did.
But before going to the ticketron, we grabe some DQ.
September 6
Ateneo - La Salle Game!
The most colorful rivalry in Philippine Collegiate Basketball history.
It was Om, Ron, Reggie and Me who watched the game. 
And some friends of Reggie (which I also knew) from DLSU-Manila.

To cut the story short, Ateneo won.

After the game, we hunt down a place to eat.
After minutes of searching, we end up in KFC.
The interesting part is that, the store was full of color blue!
And Reggie and I was wearing green. (Om and Ron are from UP)
Hows that?!
The interesting was the stare on us when we entered. Hahahahaha.

To be Continued

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thoughts from a young Guy

August 31, 2008
Everything is quiet.
Just the sound of the electric fan in my room.
The sound of the keyboard while i am pressing each letter to compose this blog.

I am still not sleepy.
I am forcing my self right now. But I cannot.
Today is Sunday. The time is 1:01 in the morning.

A while ago, I was trying to really sleep that my mind doesn't want to rest.
Maybe because I slept a lot when traveling going back here in our house from my dorm.
So, what I did was I get a paper bag, and started sorting out the content of it. And repair the damaged part of the paper bag.
It was the paper bag that my foster family in Ibaraki - ken prefecture, Japan gave me. And the paper bag contains all of the memorabilia that I had during my stay in Japan.
It was very Nostalgic.
Smiles and tears coming down my eyes as I look on the pictures that we had with my foster family.
The CD contains the Video while doing the udon and soba.
The Sumarai Thing.
Papers from Waseda University and the paper mat from McDonalds.
And a lot more.
Very Nostalgic.
How I wish I have the money, the time to go back and visit the place that made me cry....a lot.

I would like to do things that I never had to do when I was at Japan.
And, additional to that are the newly met friends from A+3YF in Singapore.

But, you may seem to notice...
Why I am so attached to that place?

Well there are few reasons:
1. I am really a goer of Jpop Culture
2. I love Anime and the Music that comes with it
3. It is all about the beat and rhythm!
4. It is just really me...being emotional.

I could characterized as a person that is can be easily attached to one place, once I fell in love with it.
I like traveling.
I like to say hellos.
But I hate saying Goodbyes.

It made me cry many times now.
even though there is a Language barrier, it is the heart that talks.


I had blog last week about life, in general, is amazing.
Yes it is, and yes it will be as long as you are living.

Despite the difficult times that our country is encountering, most especially my family,
there is still hope on everything.
At least we keep on surviving on our everyday lives.
This is really keeping me hyped in my life.
To help my family by the time I graduate.
And do the things I wanted to do, like getting a masters degree.
That's the reason why I like to study, and at the same time work abroad.

I feel frustrated yesterday about the current situation of the Philippines.
I mean, we could have done something about it, if right people are running for the position, and getting elected by the people.
I still don't know why some other citizens of this country still votes for those politicians that are obviously corrupt, self-serving and promote nepotism.
It is really unfair, especially to those Filipino that are bot yet born, but inherit a 4 Trillion debt from the World Bank. How good is that.

In my frustration, I had a friend that I have been talking in the Yahoo Messenger for about 30 mins regarding my concern to the government.
Ranting. Really frustrated.
If only the government listens to the current generation, for we see and experience the poverty that we are encounter in our everyday lives.
I hope the government can hear the ideologies that younger generation have.

I am really frustrated, because you want to do something, you know that you can do something,
but you are helpless because your family doesn't have any political background or allies to start of.
You don't have any "connections" with "someone" so that you could enter the government with ease.

When will be the time that the SK will end it's "Pa-liga" tradition and start moving for a change.
Well, some do....but majority isn't moving yet.
The youth can do something, but please, put it on a good use.
You guys at SK are the ones who had the privilege and opportunity to represent the youth and serve the country.
Put the fund into good use.
I am not saying "Pa - liga" is not a good project, but I believe there are better.
Try to hype the youth in your place on helping the country, having the sense of responsibility on their environment and how they can improve there lives.
So that SK can help the effort of some government agencies, that often have a low budget, can push its advocacy.

I hope that in 2010, we will elect the right person to vote...
from executive position down to the legislative....even to barangay captains.
(if you want to discuss Philippines politics just tell me)

My sense of nationalism is still there.
That's the reason why I am frustrated.
I love the Philippines, and I will continue as long as I am living.


When I arrived here in Laguna, I relaxed after a week of hardships.
There is no place like home.
So started pigging out, by eating a lot cooked by mom.

And today, September 1, 2008
It is her 45th birthday.

I really, really love my mom.
She has been there for me to support me in my endeavors, including my father and aunt of course.

But since I have a class every Monday, I will not be joining them on a simple celebration.
I will have to call, and prepare something for my mom when I get back again in our house.
How I wish, I have many money, so that she could relax on a spa and have a full body massage.
She have been working hard for our family, together with my father.
My mother is a School Registrar and that keep my two younger siblings to go to school.

Despite the fact that she is at Laguna right now, and I am here all alone here in my dorm in Cavite...
I make it sure that I greeted here before I left our house and greeted her again while I am here in Cavite.

Happy Birthday Ma!