Friday, March 27, 2009

Social Contract

It was March 23, 2009 that marked the day of our graduation at Ugnayang La Salle at our beloved alma mater, De La Salle University - DasmariƱas.

Graduating from college was one of the few gifts that you could dedicate to those people who supported your studies thru out the 

years. Thanks to my parents, to my beloved foster father (may you rest in peace) and to my beloved tita. Thank you very much for giving me a wonderful Lasallian Education.

Just some thoughts.

Today is the graduation day of loving girlfriend, Dawn, from Doane Baptist Seminary. And she will now embarking on an adverture of 

a lifetime, she will be making some decisions for her future. And I will be with her along the way. What I can do is to support her and 

give her my outmost udnerstanding.

It is also funny to have a bonding moment with Lhot, Lendl, Ralph, Jen and Rey at Lendl's dorm as I used Hiyas' gift, Ice Breaker. It 

was fun getting to know them better and sharing some lessons I have learbed thru the years. It was funny that I gave Lhot's group 

advises for their thesis. Lendl remarked that I can now teach at college.

Also, graduating from college and being unemployed for the mean time is giving me the chance to spend time with my High School buddies and with my family. It is fun having them again and just talking about our HS experiences. Also congrats to my HS classmate and friend Peniel Banelga that will be graduating from Pamantasan ng Cabuyao for the degree of BS Accountancy. Kudos.

Right now, I am looking for a job, or a career to start with. And while doing this, I am realizing a lot of things in my life. I thought those people that i shared my life with, will know somehow who is jackner. But i was wrong. Not all. It was painful, but i guess it is part of life. I still love and care for them. Nothing changed.

Here is a spiller.

I believe i am not alone with this sentiment. I know this happened a week ago, but it was one thing that we will not forget for we 

gained shame and dissapointment. before I hit the bird, let me tell you a story.

It was March 2008, when a professor asked us to do a project for his subject. It was part of a final requirement. In my case, and maybe to the entire batch, part of it was for the grade. I don't want to look like a hypocrite here. But the main reason why we are doing it is for the senior class to feel and look back of what they have did for almost for years of their stay at the academe. It was a night giving JUST recognition and going back to memory lane. Having full of ENERGY and LIFE that gave the glow to the graduating class. It was an event that gave recognition, not only to the graduating students but also to the faculty and staff that they DESERVE. It was not only for the grade, it was mainly for a TRIBUTE for the graduating class, for they DESERVE that. It was PANGALAY2008.

For this years PANGALAY, it was a different story. I will not elaborate the programme itself or even the pre-program preparations. 

But it was really a different story. I would like to shorten it by saying, WE HAVEN'T RECEIVED WHAT WE DESERVE. It was obvious that the graduating class for this year was not impressed or even gratified of what was presented. We are DISSAPOINTED. 

For me that know the story behind it, i know mostly the people who are responsible of what is needed to be done. But how about to other people that doesn't knwo about anything. The initial reaction would be the entire batch of 20**.

This event, in its significance, happens only once in a lifetime. But it was remembered, not by its value, but how it was presented in a louzy way.

We gave the graduating class before us what they deserve, and we expected something equally or more than what we have done for those ahead of us. But instead, we received something that WE REALLY DON'T DESERVE. I hope that there is HEART, 

PASSION, SINCERITY on whatever that will do for others, most especially if they deserve it.