Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Wishes Do Get Granted"

Barely six months ago, I was here in this place enjoying a grande-sized signature hot chocolate with my cousin as he waited for me to arrive. And here I am again to this place, checking some test papers, enjoying a venti-sized mocha frap, choco doughnut and a brownie from the gift cheque I’ve received from Ms. Kats, that was placed inside a canister for Grand Marnier. I thought it was a shuttlecock; one guessed it was a set of brief… nice guess.
And the gift is....300 Pesos worth of Starbucks GC. Thanks Ms. Kats!

As is chatted a student from my Alma Mater for the preparation for the upcoming student elections, she asked, where I am. I said: “check my work description at the info page of FB…” As she discovered it, she said: “Wah, you are indeed in another Lasallian institution…” she added “Marami nga ang nagtataka kung bakit ka nandyan…”

Well, it is not only people from the student socio-political party that I belong with when I was in college are asking what on earth I am doing here. But also people that I know from Elem, HS and College.

Ideas just keep on flowing on my mind that I grabbed my pen and tissue papers to write my thoughts for the year.

December 23rd marked the 9th month since me and my batch mates, the class of 2009, graduated from college. It was a very memorable experience for me, specifically for our class, Communication Class of 2009 Section 2. Our bonding started at JFH202 and marched down at Ugnayang La Salle. The separation made the longing for the batch even much stronger, as can be seen at FB.

December 22nd was the 6th month since I started working …

It was June 15 that I visited my Alma Mater to get a recommendation letter from our department and from the College Dean. It was also the time for me to see the first day of Classes, me not being a student anymore. And the next day will be another journey thru the sky for me.

It was surreal, it was like one week before I leave that I received a text message coming from a friend if I already have a work. Answering “none…as of this moment…” A casual FB chat/interview followed. Few days more, a phone call from that friend marked to the history of my life. It was like a VO from the NASA control room stating that “the Eagle has landed…”

And the eagle has certainly landed…

The feeling was like I am just like in our place…so familiar. I felt like I just travelled from Laguna to Cubao. No weird or home sick feelings. I was wearing a simple attire; White LYC ’09 Exec Committee Shirt with some choco stain, jeans and slippers. Knowing that Sbucks also landed here, I decided to go over and have a zip of a hot choco from the coffee shop that I loved the most. And the feeling was: “I will not miss manila after all…”

While doing this blog entry, I am trying to register for unlimited text service from Globe, and the wish was granted 2 days after this entry was started. For this year, I am a Globe and Smart sim card users. Thanks Reg for the phone theme and for the wallpaper.

December 21st marked the 1st month since my probationary contract ended. 21 will be forever remembered in my life. Aside from “last day” of my contract, it was also the date that a very dear person in the lives of every Lasallian, moved on. Bro Arian seen me crying as I felt helpless going back to Manila to see him one last time. But that feeling was somehow ended with a dream (A True Lasallian Lensman).

Many people asked me, why I am here. Wondering....why I decided here to work. Why would a “manila” guy decided to work here instead in Manila. The last question was asked by my colleague in the office.

For one, I love the job that was offered to me. I am aware that I was not the “First Round Pick” for the spot. But I understand the reason, because I am not from here. But I was able to get the spot, an opportunity to continue what I am loved to do during my college years, serving.

Being a freshgrad posted a lot of challenges. Maybe it is not orally spoken, or written. But I must prove something… that I am worthy of the spot. I am worthy of the “importation.” That I am the right guy, for the job. Yes, the pressure was there. Because I am a guy from “Manila” and the name of my Alma Mater is at stake.

Yes, that's me. Taken almost a year ago for our yearbook. Too bad that the photo studio messed up and our class photo is now "missing."

Yes, I committed mistakes, many of them for the past months. Most of them are mistakes that a guy like me would be likely to commit, considering my degree that I finished in college. I remember my teacher in EdMan saying that, we should continue learning and never stop on finding answers. I am continuing searching for answers in life, and one of them is: “Am I doing the right things for me not to disappoint my Boss?”

It was a rough start, it was. But toward the end of my probationary contract my boss asked me if I wanted to stay…And I said yes. I was not hesitated to answer that question. For one, I love my job. Second I love the people around me, especially my Boss/Mentor/Friend, Ms. Lormi. And Third, I love this place.

“We are not perfect, if we are perfect, we are in heaven now…” This was the words of the head of the UPress in my workplace. It somehow motivated me to continue working with pride and honor, even I committed many mistakes. But in every mistake that I commit, I should learn something from it. It should sharpen me, to have an edge. It is also true when my boss told me that “It is not enough that we love what we do…in some way, is not enough…we should do more to be able to make our job better…” That’s the reason why I would like to be mentored, to be guided and molded to be an educator, rather than a teacher.

I am glad that I made this decision in my life. Being far away from my family and friends is not new for me. I am not saying I don’t miss them. But what I am trying to say is that, I am doing this for me to grow as an individual, for me to be a more matured person. And I am glad that my parents are very supportive in that matter.

I am glad that I am with my Lola. She’s the girl in my life right now. And being with me makes me understand things in life that my parents are just telling me. It is really different if you are experiencing things that our parents are saying to us that our grandparents taught them.

I'm happy to be with my Lola for Christmas and for New Year.

Every day that pass, I can feel that I am learning big time. From the experiences that I encounter everyday to the stories of my Lola, to the kulitan sessions that we have in the office…all of them are contributing to build a better me.

Recently, I have this experience from a prominent local pastry shop. I was dressed as me, the simple me. Shirt, Jeans and slippers…well slightly dirty feet. I asked the guy if he could to me the cake that was unclaimed during that time (the cake is supposedly to be picked-up by 9AM and it was 3PM). The guy didn’t entertain me. But a guy next to me, with the same concern, was entertained. Reality bites; that if you don’t dressed well, people will not take you seriously. But my point is that considering that I am in that place, meaning I have the capacity to pay. It just felt sad about it, and took it as a learning experience for me.

That is just one of my experiences to this place that I am considering now as my home. I don’t classify it as a negative one nor as a positive one. It is simply a learning experience.

That’s one of the reasons why I decided to this “Repackaging Phase” in my life, pysically and internally. Not because it’s 2010, but because I am now a young professional. Having this job of mine made me a deeper person. It made me more spiritual and a loving person, patient and more understanding. Having deep humility and knowing when to shut my mouth, especially if I committed a mistake.

I could say that I am the luckiest employee in this planet. For I have wonderful colleagues. Having diverse personalities made us one happy family. The chemistry is there and the respect is mutual. Even though, I am the youngest in the office, they make me feel that age does not matter, because they got my back. That’s the reason why I am very much open to be criticized by them, because they want me to improve as an employee and grow as a person.

Before 2009 ends, you that are curious where I am will now know my location.

6 months ago, I was looking over the sea of students rushing over JFH to be sheltered from hard rain. And now, here I am in the looking over the window of my favorite coffee shop…in the City of Smiles, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, where my mother came from.

And the 23rd marked my first day, as a permanent/regular academic support staff of our office. An inspiration for me to continue to work well, learn and grow.

I am Jackner John Borja, Assistant to Office Student Affairs’ Special Programs of the University of Saint La Salle. (see job description)

2009 is so kind to me, to us. Despite the challenges that we encountered this year, I hope that it serves as a learning challenge for us that made us tougher and wiser; a reminder that we can still smile in the midst of this challenges.

I wish for a wonderful 2010, not only for me, but for all of us.

If there is a lesson that 2009 taught me, it would be coming from my colleague, Ms. Kats, told me. That “Wishes, do get granted…”

Blessed to have two planners. Both coming from Ms. Kats. I gave my card to my colleagues with few stickers left to fill in. I have another one on the way. And it will be given to Philippe Jan de la Cruz, fulfilling his wish. My wish was granted, I grant other's wish. Blessing is shared.

As we face 2010, together we grow, learn and fulfill wishes for others and for me to grow in the Lasallian Ministry as a better educator, learner and individual.

Rektikano po sa ating tanan! ^_^

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time Flies Fast

Original Posting Date: October 24, 2009

The challenges brought by the typhoons, really made me more attached and caring for my family.

This is what I really wanted to do. The challenge of improving every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute, every second. Because I have the greatest bosses in the world, and I should not take it for granted. Sometimes, I commit mistakes. Even having “sabaw” moments, but remembering what the head of the UPress told me, “Kung perfect ka, Wala ka na sa mundong ito..”

A thought that gave me the moment of silence, an inner silence that kept me thinking even up to this very moment. Maybe that’s the reason why Br. Ceci already moved on to another chapter of his journey. He had lived a perfect life, touching so many lives around the archipelago, and around the world.

Maybe that’s the reason why God allowed me to meet a great person in Nong Richard. That even in a very short period of time, he was able to touched my life and realize that no matter how hard life is, there is always a light moment out of it.

The picture was taken by yours truly during the University Week Celebration.

And to the captain, Iggy Villanueva, you have fought a great fight. You have fought the battle like a Lasallian should,

“…fight to keep your glory bright, and never shall we fail…”

I do not know him personally. I am not even sure if he was the person that I had seen during a Lasallian gathering, but the inspiration that you have gave to Lasallians,

not only to the students here, but around the Philippines made a big impact. You are a true Lasallian Gentleman. It is very evident with people telling how you made them stronger every day.

Meeting Iggy's parents and listening to their stories and feeling their emotions, they are surely lucky to have him in their Family. You will never be forgotten Iggy.

The "Iggy Fund" is still open with the following details:

Iggy Fund


BPI Rizal Extension Branch, Bacolod City


In time, I will be posting about my current place, my current enjoyment in life.

And for the people that are saying that they miss me, I miss all of you. ^_^. I am still the Jackner that you know, maybe a little improved, plus the weight that I gained and being a loser when it comes to love.

Maybe on some other time, it’s nice to talk about Philippine politics.


Monday, June 22, 2009

A True Lasallian Lensman

I was invited to attend a Lasallian Formation for Alumni.
There was Br. Ray Suplido and a lot of Alumin coming from my current workplace.
It was a sunday.
It was inspiring because the last speaker qouted one of my favorite Bro...Bro. Ceci.
After the event, I went to the Bro's residence

I was at a Coffee shop when Milcah texted me, at first I ignored it because it was too bad to be a joke.
Then Garet texted me, and I replied to her saying "Hindi magandang, biro yan..."
Then while walking going back to my workplace, someone texted me again, and it was Lendl saying the same news.

I went directly to Bro. Arian to confirm it and when he opened the door...
I asked: "Bro totoo po ba?"
He interupted me by saying: "Yes it's true, He is no longer with us..."
And that was a crying moment for me and at the same time, a mocking moment for Bro. Arian.
I asked God before I slept last night:
"Is it really his time?"
"Is his mission really over?"
And thru a dream, Bro answered.
Macy and I were texting that night.
And I told her, "If I am going to be a Brother, He is one of the reasons..."
Though, He also thought me that even if you are not a FSC, you can live the life of being a FSC.
The stories he told us, truely inspired our souls.
I woke up, went thru the door and saw him standing in black shirt with cream colored not sure.

But the main thing that he said to me, "tapos na ang mission ko..." while smiling at me and comforting me.

Then someone came on our way, it was the priest, the parish priest. Im not sure if he was the priest from the Lasalle Dasma, Fr. Lino or the priest from LSGH.
We had a conversation with the priest. It was short, but the priest told me to go not sure.

Then off we went, to an office nearby. I saw the secretary, she was low and sad, and she told me "Oh, hindi ka ba pupunta?" And i just smiled at her.
The guy that I am with went to directly to a door and I followed him to get his DSLR. He said "Hay, nakalock, si Dodo talaga oh..."
Then suddenly, we both look down, he is now wearing the rabbat, the black rabbat and white slippers.

I saw myself in the mirror. My hair is a mess, and I am wearing the FTK '09 T-shirt.
Then the secretary was looking at me while saying "Oh, hindi ka ba pupunta?", and then off we went to a grassed area.
And he was talking about me continuing what I do and at the same time doing it at my best.
I accompanied him to his chair in a chapel or a church with a high seiling and tapped him at the back and said: "Bro thank you..." He smiled at me, and I smiled back at him.
Upon leaving that moment, a girl (Knowing that I am seeing someone that is not there) was looking at me and said to her: "Alam ko. Mas nanainisin ko pang nasa ganung state ako, kung makikita ko naman siya..."
I don't know who the girl was, but she looked at me then her attention was diverted into the parade of sakristan scattering some ashes. I can't describe the urn, but i saw it.
Then afterwards, Bro Dodo was there marching away with the sakristan. Then I saw a friend of mine at the novitiate who is reportedly to be thin and we had a conversation
I woke up.
It was a dream within a dream.

It was Br. Ceci.
He was calm.
Hind masasayang ang mga kwento niya.
Hina masasayang ang mga aral na naituro niya sa atin.

He is more than a Lasallian Brother.
More than a story teller.
More than a teacher.
More than a lensman.
More than an animator.
He is a life well lived.

I'll miss you Lolo Ceci.
You’re one of the coolest Bro.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Unconditional Love

I am fortunate enough to be part of the Lasallian Youth Commission as one of its facilitators last May 16 - 21, 2009 at La Salle Greenhills. 

Kuya keane told me: “Welcome to the Lasallian Youth Commission” upon giving the crucifix.
It was one casual moment that I will treasure in my lifetime.

As the workshop/meeting goes on, I then realize what I am longing for when I left DLSU-D. As I saw it thru the eyes and smiles of the participants, I told to myself, this is what I missed…big time. 

Hearing Br. Arianne Lopez, FSC talk about the LYC during his time and our time, it is really a dream come true for those that are hoping to make a change for the betterment of the Lasallian youth and for our country. “You are making history, take this opportunity to make a change…”

I have been to many conferences, seminars and forums, locally and internationally, but there is nothing like the Lasallian way. It was one hell of a moment for me as I look at them. And I told to my self that I should do this again. I should help lasallian youth for them top grow to help to make a better Philippines. I unconditionally love La Salle and my country, the Philippines. This 2010 elections, let your voices be heard.

The youth sector can elect the next President of the Philippines. Register and Vote. Participate and be active.

As what Engr. Jun Lozada said to all of the Lasallian Leaders, “Be a diamond, Share the Light”

The hopes are high for the 2009 – 2010 National Executive Committee of the Lasallian Youth Commission. And we are here to be your back –up, ready to support and help you guys. Rektikano!

A million thanks to Ate Vanez and Kuya Keane for the wonderful opportunity that you had given me, until next time. And to all of the Lasallians that I had meet during the LYC Summer workshop/meeting, It is my honor to be part of your journey. ^_^


And there she goes…

Asking permission from ate Vanez and Kuya Keanne, I was able to go out of La Salle Greenhills and went to Greenbelt 3, specifically at Sentro last May 17, 2009 to bid farewell to my friend, Areum Cha. It was a very quick but sensible night. Actually, all of the possible topics that we could talk about were already discussed before the night. The chapter was ended, and we need to flip the page. And I believe she is happy with her life now, and that is being with her family.

The classic text message that I will treasure is: “…Im gonna miss you and the Philippines.”


Loving unconditionally can make you think and do things that you do not imagine that you will do on a regular basis. Even though you are hurting yourself, as long as you see that person happy, you will take a step further for that person.

In my case, I have been into a painful relationship. And I thought that I will never really feel the “love” that I felt before and during that painful relationship. Actually, I cannot believe that I will utter the phrase:

“I will always be here for you, not matter what. All I want is to see you happy…”

Then I realized, yes I love unconditionally, and I am not waiting for anything in return…because she loves somebody else.  Yes it was like a real poke in the heart. But the reason why we love is for us to see the ones we love happy. And that’s my goal.

Then Romeo Soriano and I had this conversation a while ago. We have similarities when it comes to love, we are hopeless romantic. During the conversation, he shared to me a song of Incubus entitled Monuments and Melodies. The part of the song that really hit me was:

You make me happy
You magnify my better half
You make me certain
Though all I have today is your photograph

Yes indeed, All I have is her photograph, a simple reminder for me that I should not let the day past without even smiling. And I will never get tired to bring joy to your life. Thank you, for giving me the reason to smile and believe in the concept of love.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Why Not Now?

Someone asked me, "Dude, have you applied for SSEAYP (Ship for South East Asian Youth Programme)?
They had extended the deadline, two days after your birthday bro..." and I said "Nope, not know" and He replied "Why not now?"

Honestly, I still don't know the answer to that question. Maybe because I need to work, find myself so that when I represented the Philippines again, I am in the whole pieces again?
I really don’t what should I answer to that question. But one thing is for sure, that SSEAYP is part of top ten things I should do before I die. One day, I'll ride the Nippon Maru!

For those who are going to be interviewed for SSEAYP, best wishes!


“Dude, do it. Go to Dangwa (Manila). Buy her donuts. Take the risk. Fall. Smile. That’s the thing called love.  If you fall, cry, shout, depressed…let it be. It’s what you get from becoming too fascinated with love. It’s yin – yang, positive and negative. Good riddance.”

This was the text message of my friend Macy at around 8:00am of the 14th of May. Before that, I do have doubts of going out of my comfort zone and try my “luck” again in love. So by reading this text message, it really gave me a boost in my morale.

Since I told my mother that I will be leaving again, (since I went to my Alma Mater on the 13th of May for my clearance and thesis), and giving no reason at all that I will go to Manila, she asked me If I could go to our house at Paranaque city and see my Tito, I said yes.

Why not now do the things that make me feel happy? So , off I went to Manila. First stop at Ayala, Makati to buy some donuts. There, I fetched Brenfred who is very patient enough and cooperative with my plans for this day.

Next stop, Dangwa.( That was my first time to go to that place Hahahahaha.)

When we arrived at the Bangbang LRT Station, I have no idea where to go. Then I told Bren (translated in English) “Dude, if there is still no buses or jeepness that will go to Dangwa, we will ride a cab…” And that was what happened. The people there are so nice. Kudos to the people at Dangwa, especially to these two.

Off we went to our final stop, the target location.

Carol2, Michael "The Animated", Carol1

Another satisfied customer of Krispy Kreme.
KK Philippines, is there any complimentary donut? Kudos KK Philippines!

Brenfred "The Wonder Brown Bread"
Thanks Bren, I owe you a lot!

Anyway, summarizing what happened next, it was short but a happy moment for me. I don’t want to mess up their meeting so off I went to Parañaque, to meet my Tito.

Thanks to the Supreme Student Council (As corrected by the current president LoL) of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. We apologize for buldging in on your meeting! Nice meeting all of you! Hope to see all of you soon again.


I consider the children (my cousins) of my Tito(the eldest brother of my mother) as the closest cousin that I have on my mother side. And after a year, my tito and me had seen each other again and talked about so many things. College life, Bar, Partying, Me being a silent type of guy (yes I am quite when I am at our place), my dreams, plans for the next months, pregnancy, love and relationship and the pain that comes with it. It was a very sensible conversation that we had. I believe among my cousins, at my age of 20, I am the one that can I have a conversation like that to my Tito, to my Tita and to my Lola. You know the mature talk. Anyway, he told me that he is more than willing to help me with my plans; I just need to coordinate with him, my Tita (the youngest sister of my mother) and my other Tito (the youngest brother of my mother).

The conversation was long that I left our house at around 11:00pm that I needed to walk out of the subdivision because there is no more tricycle. Upon reaching Alabang, I was fortunate enough to catch the last trip of the van going to our place at Laguna. I reached our home at 12:58am. It was a very fruitful day that I told my self: “Why not now make a blog entry?”


Why not love now and express it?

I remember watching for the first time the VCD that Macy gave to me as my 19th birthday present. Fresh from Iligan City, we gathered and gave this CD of the movie RENT. Seasons of Love is a wonderful song. But watching the movie itself was way more than wonderful. The true essence of friendship, dreams, struggles and triumph are on that movie. But the most important thing that I learned from that movie was the tagline of the movie itself…. NO DAY BUT TODAY.

It was a life changing move for me, to be able to do things in one day as much as possible. Maybe that’s the reason why I wanted to do things I wanted to do. To attend seminars as a venue to widen my horizons, to travel and see how beautiful the environment, to appreciate a lot of people, to comfort someone that badly needs it, to take a pause out of a busy life. And in some point, I learned to love unconditionally. 

It was a move for me that I could hurt myself. And I accepted that fact. I have no regrets of doing a lot of things to show people that I care for them and love them. I have no regrets of telling that one should eat meals and not skip it. I have no regrets of spending my time, if I personally know that, that person deserves my time and attention. I have no regrets of falling, crashing and burning. I have no regrets of starting all over again. I am not expecting anything out of life. I believe that I should be the one discovering it. And I did. But there are things that you cannot have. But a friend told me awhile ago…maybe it is not now. Well, I really hope it is like that. Maybe that’s the greatest thing that someone could do, to love, unselfishly, unconditionally. That’s the only thing that I could offer. I have no riches, no flashy cars, just myself and my sincerity.

As what I told to James (Kho) awhile ago, maybe I am fated to serve others. I know the road is still long for me. That’s the reason why I am not expecting (hmmmm..just a little expectations will do), for me not get hurt that much. And by having a lot of patience, really helped me a lot.

So, what’s the sense of this entry….I really don’t know. As per advice of my friend, I should blog about it. Express what I am feeling. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Challenges in Life, just SMILE at it. Just what she do, all the time

In every conference that I went to, there is this impression that you are giving to you co-participants.
I remember, when I went to Singapore, that first impression that made there was "womanizer" that really made me laugh.
But, it was changed into an impression of a funny, articulate guy that is fun to be with.

This time, at the World Creative Youth Forum, maybe I made an impression to some other delegates that is usually embedded to me, that I am an arrogant guy. 
Actually, that is also the secret weapon that the "opposite party" used against me during the University Elections.
Anyway going back to the topic, it is really hard to prove to people that you are not that kind of person.
Thankfully, there are some people that had seen my "soft side", especially when it comes to love and relationship. 

For me, it really come to a point that made me wondered on my real character, and what does other people think about me. I think one of my friends was right, that I am too conscious about my "image".
I guess that was then. As days go on, we get to learn a lot of things in life. Lessons that make us stronger and wiser, in reality there will be people that will really throw sh*t on you. And there are some that will really not like you. But, there are few people that will really appreciate you as a person. I’m not saying that you should not adjust to the environment, but what I am saying is that there is this aura of all people that will not change, and by that getting to know that person means a lot, rather than judging that person.

I am glad that I have met a lot of people at WCYF, including this person that really made me smile after a long time and made me realize that I should not forget to smile, despite of a hardworking day.


These past few days, my family is experiencing some financial difficulties, different from that past. But I guess we can pull this off. By this, I really need to find a job so that I could help my family. Damn the typhoons in the summer.
Anyway, I guess life is just testing us, on how we are strong during hard times. And this time, we will face it like it is just a piece of cake.


Ok Mimay, this is you favorite part! ^__
During the Lasallian Press Conference 2008 around May (My second LSPCON that I have attended), I have met this girl that serves as our Liaison Officer. I find her really sweet and cute.
Her name is Emily Singbenco a graduate of BS Education. We've known each other for one year now, and basically, she's really helping me out during difficult times, especially on my heart breaks.
And now, I hope she find her true happiness in love (you know what I meant mimay! hahahahahaha).


Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 13 '09) I'll be back to my alma mater, DLSU-Dasma for me to submit for editing our thesis, to meet arvin (my thesismate) and to meet the new set of officers of Lasallians on Lenses and to process my clearance. 

Aside from that I will meet jayson, the guy that repaired my Laptop before, for him to repair my external hard drive. For those people that know my external hard drive (yup, the blue colored small rectangle thingy) it was f*cked up becuase of my brother. I hope it can be repaired for it has all the data that I am keeping for the past 3 years, or should I entire life was there. (the pictures, the documents, the projects that I made when I was in college...etc.)

I hope it can be repaired.


This week was the anniversary of the first batch, pioneer batch of JENESYS (May 2008)
I was part of the Ibaraki - ken group which I am the youth leader for that group. Anyway, i made a video for our group. I finished this two videos around april, but i decided to publish just now, in time for the anniversary. The video is supposedly 4 parts, but as of the moment i just finished 2 of them. Anyway, the video is more of like a photo story (with music) of what we did in Intercon and Japan.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

How Does It Feel?

BlogEntryBanner copy

Over the past days, the talk of the town was the article written by Chip Tsao “War at Home”. It made a big buzz, that Rep. Roilo Golez of my hometown 2nd District, Paranaque City that he is challenging Chip Tsao on a 1 round boxing match. That was quite irrelevant, but the thing here is that the article, according to the publisher and to Chip Tsao, was satirical. I beg to disagree. That was a clear racism. What’s with the statement on the article: “you don’t flex muscle to your master”? That was not taught by our Journalism teacher, or is it under a new curriculum?

Another one that caught my attention was during the podcast interview of Sen. Pia Cayetano to the Goodtimes w/ Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee. Mojo and Grace opened to Sen. Cayetano that the Explainer himself, Manolo Quezon III, said that Filipinos should not be reacting to the satirical article of Chip Tsao if we are not educated or something like that. I encourage you guys to download that episode of the podcast. Anyway, it was also said to that podcast that the Explainer should not be defending that guy, and he is known to be a nationalist so why he is doing such things. Again, all was in the podcast and I have not really heard Manolo Quezon III said this, but it was really a buzz.

Anyway, when I heard about this Chip Tsao guy is that he should really apologize, which he did (that doubt if he is really sincere about that). But the problem is this, when the Filipinos are being attacked by other country or nationality when it comes to our race, professionalism, careers, image, we suddenly get enraged and the “resbak” attitude comes out. But when us, Filipinos, attack our fellow Filipinos in the fields that I have mentioned, we are like people that has a first taste of a gun, being trigger happy and firing on that person. What I meant is the thing we have for Igorot, Cebuano, Bisaya, Ilokano, Ilonggo and the list goes on. Yes, maybe some of them are satirical, but some are like below the belt. I am not saying here that we are like this, but most of us also have this prejudice with our fellow Filipinos.

By the issue about Chip Tsao, this may serve as a lesson for us Filipinos on respecting others, and let us, somehow, remove our prejudices to our fellow Filipinos. Sino pa ba ang magmamahalan kung hindi tayo – tayo din. Ok lang kung school wars. =)

And to Chip Tsao, he should take some lessons about the nautical mile and the international law and the Philippine law for that. If that will be the case, Sabah, Malaysia is part of the Philippines…Historically and legally.

I love my country, and we should, those who are reacting to the article of Chip Tsao are really doing their allegiance to our beloved country. By that, please Philippines let us not make our country a banana republic. This 2010 we have the chance to change everything. Our country has a lot of potential…let us not leave it like that. We can do it, we can make a difference.

Let us be the change we want to see.

HouseHeroesBlogger copy

Damn Heroes and House MD!
This week episode was really good! Damn!

Heroes this week focuses on the alliance of Dango and Sylar. Damn this two bastard. Anyway, Claire and Nathan are into in asylum at Mexico. And Nathan doesn’t know how to fix the shit that he created. On the other hand, Anglela and Peter were in the church to have an answer, while Angela struggles to sleep and use her powers. I hope Ando and Hiro can bring Matt Parkman Jr. to Peter so that the baby could fix Peter.

The team behind House MD are sick! Damn! The concept of having the First Person Camera Angle was COOL! Damn! As a communication graduate, that was awesome. And the case was interesting. The patient losses his connection to his body, except for his eyes that serves as the means of communication to the doctors. At first House thought it was cancer, then poisoning, but it was because of an open wound that was infected of the rat pee. It was Kutner that solved the case, but generously credited it to Taub to save his ass. But House knew it, and decided to keep Taub on the team because, Taub will do anything, including to lie just keep his job.

Milka send a message via SMS, and it says (In English):

What if this is the last day of my life, what are the three things that you haven’t told me yet that you might as well say?

What I did was, I send it to some of the people at my phonebook

And here are some of their answers:

You are great
You have a good heart
I had a crush on you before

You are of the reasons I smile when I think of DLSU – D
You have a good heart
You are too conscious of your image that you forget to be yourself

You act Matured
You are a little boastful, though I super appreciate you as my brother

I love the way you smile
If you have problems, you can always run into me. Except for Politics and Money
I might cry if you really die

These are some of the answers that I had, and they made me smile. It gave me the thought of the irony of life. When you are living, people will destroy you. But when you are dying or dead, they will say good things about you.

Sometimes, I think of what if I am dying, will people love me and care for me? All my life, for the past 19 years, all I did was to love and not expecting in return. That’s how love. This time, is the time for me to expect?

Anyway, I also would want to ask you the same question, what if this is the last day of my life, what are the three things that you haven’t told me yet that you might as well say?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Social Contract

It was March 23, 2009 that marked the day of our graduation at Ugnayang La Salle at our beloved alma mater, De La Salle University - Dasmariñas.

Graduating from college was one of the few gifts that you could dedicate to those people who supported your studies thru out the 

years. Thanks to my parents, to my beloved foster father (may you rest in peace) and to my beloved tita. Thank you very much for giving me a wonderful Lasallian Education.

Just some thoughts.

Today is the graduation day of loving girlfriend, Dawn, from Doane Baptist Seminary. And she will now embarking on an adverture of 

a lifetime, she will be making some decisions for her future. And I will be with her along the way. What I can do is to support her and 

give her my outmost udnerstanding.

It is also funny to have a bonding moment with Lhot, Lendl, Ralph, Jen and Rey at Lendl's dorm as I used Hiyas' gift, Ice Breaker. It 

was fun getting to know them better and sharing some lessons I have learbed thru the years. It was funny that I gave Lhot's group 

advises for their thesis. Lendl remarked that I can now teach at college.

Also, graduating from college and being unemployed for the mean time is giving me the chance to spend time with my High School buddies and with my family. It is fun having them again and just talking about our HS experiences. Also congrats to my HS classmate and friend Peniel Banelga that will be graduating from Pamantasan ng Cabuyao for the degree of BS Accountancy. Kudos.

Right now, I am looking for a job, or a career to start with. And while doing this, I am realizing a lot of things in my life. I thought those people that i shared my life with, will know somehow who is jackner. But i was wrong. Not all. It was painful, but i guess it is part of life. I still love and care for them. Nothing changed.

Here is a spiller.

I believe i am not alone with this sentiment. I know this happened a week ago, but it was one thing that we will not forget for we 

gained shame and dissapointment. before I hit the bird, let me tell you a story.

It was March 2008, when a professor asked us to do a project for his subject. It was part of a final requirement. In my case, and maybe to the entire batch, part of it was for the grade. I don't want to look like a hypocrite here. But the main reason why we are doing it is for the senior class to feel and look back of what they have did for almost for years of their stay at the academe. It was a night giving JUST recognition and going back to memory lane. Having full of ENERGY and LIFE that gave the glow to the graduating class. It was an event that gave recognition, not only to the graduating students but also to the faculty and staff that they DESERVE. It was not only for the grade, it was mainly for a TRIBUTE for the graduating class, for they DESERVE that. It was PANGALAY2008.

For this years PANGALAY, it was a different story. I will not elaborate the programme itself or even the pre-program preparations. 

But it was really a different story. I would like to shorten it by saying, WE HAVEN'T RECEIVED WHAT WE DESERVE. It was obvious that the graduating class for this year was not impressed or even gratified of what was presented. We are DISSAPOINTED. 

For me that know the story behind it, i know mostly the people who are responsible of what is needed to be done. But how about to other people that doesn't knwo about anything. The initial reaction would be the entire batch of 20**.

This event, in its significance, happens only once in a lifetime. But it was remembered, not by its value, but how it was presented in a louzy way.

We gave the graduating class before us what they deserve, and we expected something equally or more than what we have done for those ahead of us. But instead, we received something that WE REALLY DON'T DESERVE. I hope that there is HEART, 

PASSION, SINCERITY on whatever that will do for others, most especially if they deserve it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Month in The Making

This blog is one month in the making, one month that kept me away from finishing different things. One month full of lessons and moments worth remembering.

(February 19, 2009)
And today, the day that twice in my life made me anxious. This time, not anymore. But I felt nervous for the people that I know deserves to be declared as winners at the end of the day. Today is the first day of the election. When I ran for the first time for a student council office, I won, in a hard way. Majority vote is the key to be at the end of the light, and yes I had the light, thanks to the 10 votes advantage over my competitor.

And last year, was a different story. Three of us knew each other before the elections. Three of us know each other, and at the end of the one was declared as the winner. Lessons learned, thoughts was heard. But you cannot turn back time now, it was a history that is hard to forget and can be painful sometimes.

This elections, I appeal to the entire student body, PLEASE VOTE THOSE WHO DESERVES IT. I am frustrated with some events that revolves around this year's elections. And who am I for people to listen to me? I am a student, A student that has been there, Lost to the race and hopes for the best for the studentry.

The positions at stake is more than it looks like. It is decorated with responsibility, liability and accountability. It is more than glitz and glamor, it is earning blood and sweat for the students.

I appeal to the students of DLSU-D, GO OUT AND VOTE for the student elections. As I always says during my 2007 campaign for CLASC presidency:

"Walang Karapating Magreklamo ang Taong Hindi Bumuboto"

Go out and let your thought be heard, talk to those who are running for the student council and exchange point of view. It is very helpful for them to know what you need and want. What are
your interests and ideas for future projects.

By these, we can reduce or even end passivity within the realms of our school.

Personally, I don't want the student leaders to experience again what I had experience during the 2008 Student Elections. Approximately, 1,800 students voted during that elections out of 10,000++ student population.

Painful? Yes it was. I had this thought of additional votes can change the course of history, and can prevent further problems.

I am hopeful that when I wake up on Sunday, the declared winners are those who are elected by the students of DLSU - D that deserves to serve for the benefit of their fellow students.

(February 7, 2009)
Indeed, life it too short to waste time. It was a heart warming conversation with him. During that time, he is not a thesis teacher, nor a faculty of the Communication Arts Department. Rather, he is a son that longing for his father.

"Lagi siyang nagmamadali...kita mo, umalis siya ng hindi nagpapaalam..."

Thursday, was the day when the incident at Trece Martires happened. As of the publish of this blog, 11 are confirmed dead.

But it was more than that. Later that day, students heard something from our department. A very loud sound, someone is crying. That person is really hurt. It was our thesis teacher, and he was crying because his father past away during that day. It was a very heart breaking news when i heard it. I don't personally know his father, but the stress and fatigue that he experience from work is something not good when receiving that kind of news.

And last Saturday, BA and me, decided to go to the wake of his father. Upon reaching the place, we asked Mike to accompany us to go to the chapel inside UPLB. Going there, i am thinking what will be his reaction. Hoe are we going to approach him.

Then, when we the chapel, our teacher was sitting, talking to someone. And, suddenly he gave me a look and utter the words:

"Nasaan na ang thesis nyo?"

I was right. He will going to ask about it. And that really gave me the guilt, not only that moment, but also during the past days and upon hearing the news.

It was a joke that gave the moment a light approach. And then we headed towards the coffin and looked at his father. He was very peaceful, calm and serene. I guess, he was happy seeing his children being successful on their own fields.

During the night, we listen to his story. His travels abroad and wisdom that he taught to his children, especially to our thesis teacher. It was like listening to a student telling the lessons that his professor inculcated to him in the subject called life.

He is coping to what happened. A vulnerable man that shows smiles despite challenging times.

(January 13, 2009)
And then the fairytale was halted for a little bit..she is again far away but near to my heart.
It was one of the most memorable day in my life. She made me fell things that I haven't felt before, when she was in town.
It was nice to meet new people, this time from the Program Committee of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines at their National Headquarters at Ermita, Manila.

It was nice talking to them and talking about how do I meet dawn and everything that goes around it. And of course,some reminders to me.

Thanks to all of the people at Program Committee. Ma'am Ginnie, Ma'am Febie, Ma'am Charmay and Ma'am Lay, and the Girl Scouts that are special to dawn's heart, you know who you are.

Thanks to Neil Lim, the President of the National Youth Parliament, for accompanying and getting a cab for us. Thank God she was able to get on her flight.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The First for Oh- nine!

People of the world, Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year!
Beyond any religion, beyond any beliefs, this season reminds us about the true meaning of giving.

This year's Christmas was one of those that is very simple...yet meaningful. Beyond the gifts, beyond the food, I felt the real meaning of Christmas with my family.

December 20,2008 was one remarkable day for us as Amber and her friend Malcolm stayed here in the Philippines. After days of planning with Reggie, Al, Ron and JP, we were able to give them a good treat of what to see in Mega Manila and in the Metro. The most challenging part for me was the walk at Marikina Riverbanks, though, when you have someone to talk with, the tiring walk is just a simple walk at a sari - sari store. I also have the privileged to sleep in Reggie's home and meet his adorable siblings and have a chat with his mother and grand mother, I miss that kind of conversation. I already meet Reggie's parents when we checked in during the orientation program for the Japan East Asia Network for Students and the Youths.The trip ended on December 23, 2008 at NAIA Terminal 3 with me and Reggie. It was a bittersweet moment, as for me, I hate goodbyes. The friendship that was started during the ASEAN + 3 Youth Festival was a genuine one, and this will continue as long as there is Facebook, SMS or any other platform that will cross the distance for both parties.How I wish that I have the money to go back to Singapore and Japan.

( More pictures of the trip @ Http:// )

December 28, 2008 the day that we spent some time with the children of St. Rita in Parañaque. It was fun doing it, not because we are required to do it, but because we like to do it. Ever since, I like children, specially the toddlers. It's amazing to look at their faces and just be amused with their innocence. It was fun playing with them, but I had fun talking to them. Sometimes, talking to them gives you the simplicity on the conversation, for them life is not complicated. It was the Woot - Woot with Jack featuring Josh (younger bro of Jen, one of the Woot - Woot) day with the children. Thanks to Woot - Woot girls for "adopting" me to the group for this wonderful endeavor.

( More pictures of the Kiddie moment @ Http:// )

2008 was a great year for me. Ups and Downs, it was worth the ride. This year made me experience many things: defeat, opportunities, triumphs, challenges, trials, hardships and overcoming it, and most of all, testing your faith and belief. It was one hell of a ride. 2008 is the year when I experience love in all means. Aside from my parents, relatives and friends/classmates, there is this person that I am sharing it in all ways...words are not enough to express how much I love you Dawn, and just like what you always says, our relationship is not a liability but an asset for both of us.

These are the 10 wishes that I have for 2009 and beyond (With no Particular Order):

1. To be with Dawn, Forever.
2. To have a Job, hell Yeah!
3. To have a PSP, since my IPod Shuffle was stolen this year.
4. To treat my family to Enchanted Kingdom
5. To go to Davao
6. To go back to Singapore
7. To have a house and lot for my parents
8. To graduate on - time
9. To go back to Japan and visit my foster family at Ibaraki - ken
10. To not be late for about 30 minutes or more...