Friday, October 31, 2008

First for 10-08

It's been a while since the last time that I have done an entry. For the whole month of October this will be my first.

That shows how busy I became this past weeks. Trying to cope up with the acedmic requirements and trying to give soultion to some other problems I facing including:
1. Financial
2. Family
3. Academics
4. Health

Who will be interested in knowing these things about me. All i see is that, if I am a popular guy that happens to be in jeopardy, then my blog site will receive more than a dozen of hits.
Anyway, since blogging is more of a "stress reliever" for me, it has been a lot of help to create a channel where everyone can see it (to those who really reads it) and gives advices that really helps me a lot.

1. Financial
Like who doesn't have a problem with it. About Billion of people has it, not only me. And most of the people live in less than a dollar a day. Try to imagine that. That's sucks right?
I remember one news that a bank in London has a debt of a certain amount, like millions of dollars. And that debt is enough to feed those people who lives under the less than 40 dollars a day, for two years.

That's how capitalism was being abused by some people. Anyway, about MY financial crisis, It has been a glorious two college years for me when it comes to financial status. I mean, since the one who supports my studies is at London, she was able to fund whatever needs and wants I have. But since the economic status of UK was on a cliff starting last year, everything was different. I am trying to learn to budget my money that time. But the way you grew up, is really affecting the whole system that you have. If I am going to tell you my story, It will be like another entry. Anyway, finding a part time job a solution, but in the case of a graduating student, you tend to think to prepare for your anticipated graduation.

2. Family
Finally, me and my dad are now reconciled after a heated debate. It was a very stressful and emotional one that it took us one week to cool down.

3. Academics
As what I had said on the last part of number 1, I am a graduating student, and the pressure is on. It now depends on you how to handle the pressure. Everyone is anticipating that you will graduate and help and or support your family, and that's pressure.
Our thesis is really giving us one hell of a ride, and it teaches every student a lesson that one should be remembering once graduated.

4. Health
For the past days, chest pain is killing me. Difficulty in breathing and pain when I breathe are some of the things that I am experiencing right now. But, not until we beat the deadline for our thesis (which is on Nov. 3), that will be the time that I can go to a doctor, and check my status. Honestly, I am afraid to know my health status, and I don't want to leave this planet, in this early stage, either.

Anyway for other highlights, last October 28, 2008, we went to UNIT ASIA JAZZ CONCERT SOUTH EAST ASIA LEG 2008 at the Music Museum. Thanks to Reggie, he invited us to this event together with Ron. So, it was Reggie, Ron, Al and me form the A+3YF Philippine Delegate was able to make it to the event. We also have PJ , Ron's office mate.

The show was good. And the musicians are really good. three of them came from Japan, one from Thailand and one from Malaysia. Plus there was a special participation of Sitti, the Philippines Queen of Bosa Nova (as what Reggie calls her). Anyway, Sitti is pretty and a good singer too.

Upon our exit from the venue, we our able to have a photo from Ms. Sitti.

Then, I grab some dinner at a Japanese Restaurant and off we went to Starbucks to talk unto something.

And we saw Sitti again. And Al, called here like there were close to each other. And some girls was like staring at Al

We went to starbucks to talk about something important, something that will dictate the Philippine Image. (hahahahaha, we are like ambassadors)
We are planning for a singaporean friend, together with her friend, that will spend time with us.
Together with their fraps and my signature hot chocolate, we had talked into many pro's and con's and places and events that we are plotting.
We had considered the time and the efficiency of each places that we will visit.
Got to do a "follow-up meeting" for this one.

Al was kind enough to fetch me to EDSA at around 1:30. Able to reach my dorm at Cavite at around 3:00 in the morning.