Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Essence of Life and the Purpose of Living

When was the last time that you felt frustrated because you know for your self that you can do things?
When was the last time you cried just thinking things that you you thought it was like yesterday?
When was the last time you felt sudden excitement thinking that you can help others?
When was it?

November 7 - 11, 2008
Development Academy of the Philippines, Tagaytay
7th National Youth Parliament
(from left to right: Kid, me, Kim [the twin bro of Kid] and Aian)

Yes, my beloved reader....I am part of this event that is being held every two years. Conducted by the National Youth Commission, this event aims to consolidate all of the concerns of the Filipino youth, discuss it and at the end of the event, lobby it to the "people with powers" i.e Philippine House of Representatives and the Senate.
Before the event, I was thinking to run as a Secretary General, but people are saying that I should run as the Floor Leader. But I decided not to file my candidacy, as what my doctor advises me. No regrets about it.
It was a nice experience to be in the parliament, and experience it first hand. I enlist myself on the Environment Committee and elected as its Interim Secretary and became the Vice - Chairperson. Being the Vice Chairperson of a certain committee made me a member of the Ethics Committee, a first in the history of the National Youth Parliament.

I remember during the opening, one said: "there could be other youth parliament....but there could only be one NATIONAL YOUTH PARLIAMENT..."
It was a nice experience for me to be part of this kind of event.

But I was disappointed in some aspects.

Firs,t having the same attitude as the Philippine Congress. I might sound idealistic. But, we are saying all over again that the youth is the future of this nation. When is the future? If there would be change, it should be now! I would like to integrate here what the De La Salle Philippines is saying:
...if even i am not the light, i can be the spark....let me the change i want to see, the change that begin in me...

I'm not saying that everyone should be a Lasallian, but what I am trying to say is that this kind of attitude should be on us my fellow Filipino Youth. Again, while reading this you might say i am a very idealistic person...I am, and I am not tired of being like that. As long as there are people that are not tired of doing things for the Filipino Youth, I will be HOPEFUL for the Philippines.
Second, was the professionalism. I remember the one of the four way test here of the Rotary Club.

Will it be beneficial for those concerned?

I hope this was the goal of the members of the parliament.

Lastly, intrigues.
Actually, i don't want to open this, nor talk about this, but for the sake of sharing the experience... I will just touch some points about it.

About this thing, no one can escape it, even me (is it new for me?). But my recent experience was one hell of an experience.

Last point I would want to indicate, especially to those who do not get to know me...
1. I am a go getter, I a positive way. I want to do things that would be beneficial for others. If I saw an opportunity, I'll do anything to grab it.
2. You can question my personality, but please...don't question my means.
3. Lastly, my motivation is the Filipino Youth and how everything goes in our government, if there is anything else, that's only the icing.

After the 7th NYP, I told to myself: "Hindi pa talaga ako handa sa mundo ng pulitika ng Pilipinas....hindi pa matibay ang dibdib ko..."
So, 2010...will be a pass for me.

7th NYP over-all, was a good one. With some bloopers, met new friends/networks....and most importantly learned to love. In the Parliament, there are two kinds of people....the parliamentarians and the debaters. The Parliamentarians debates about the parliamentary rules and procedures, and the Debaters debates about the resolutions and/or policies. I hope, the future members of the parliament to be both.

But Above all, after all....2 years is what we've got to work on what we have worked in more or less 3 days.

November 20 - 21, 2008
De La Salle - Charles Huang Convention Center, Batulao, Batangas, Philippines
This is the last time we will attend such activity as a class. Also on the same day, COM 41, COM 43, PSC 41 and PSC 42 had their retreat.
COM42, my section, was not that happy because one of our classmate was not able to join our retreat for that person doesn't have a waiver.
Anyway, the retreat was nice and a relaxing experience.
I had stated on one of our session that I need time and space and I am drowning.

I will not elaborate everything here, but one thing is for sure...all of us experience problems in our family. Whether it is big or small, it is still a problem.
And, in my case, I am not only a son, I am the eldest son. So the responsibility is big and my siblings are getting strength from their kuya.

Also, during our made think a lot of things and gave me the rest that I am longing for, the emotional rest. Plus the spiritual rejuvenation that my body is longing for is finally achieved.
Because of this wonderful experience, I renewed my covenant with God about some certain things:

1. I will not be tired of serving first my siblings as their kuya
2. I will be a good kuya, how hard it is
3. I will be a good man to others
4. I will be a man for others, how hard it will be and how dirty it is on the Philippine Politics setting.

What I am referring to the last one is, even though you are not in the political arena, still the process involves politics, especially when it comes to lobbying to some of our nation's leaders.

To end this, I am encouraging you to think....what is your purpose in life? Have you done somethings extraordinary to others lately? Are you still a proud Filipino Youth? You should be...
The fruits of what you are working now may not be visible, but it will show in the future. It is something to be excited for, to work hard for and to hopeful about.


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