Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Month in The Making

This blog is one month in the making, one month that kept me away from finishing different things. One month full of lessons and moments worth remembering.

(February 19, 2009)
And today, the day that twice in my life made me anxious. This time, not anymore. But I felt nervous for the people that I know deserves to be declared as winners at the end of the day. Today is the first day of the election. When I ran for the first time for a student council office, I won, in a hard way. Majority vote is the key to be at the end of the light, and yes I had the light, thanks to the 10 votes advantage over my competitor.

And last year, was a different story. Three of us knew each other before the elections. Three of us know each other, and at the end of the one was declared as the winner. Lessons learned, thoughts was heard. But you cannot turn back time now, it was a history that is hard to forget and can be painful sometimes.

This elections, I appeal to the entire student body, PLEASE VOTE THOSE WHO DESERVES IT. I am frustrated with some events that revolves around this year's elections. And who am I for people to listen to me? I am a student, A student that has been there, Lost to the race and hopes for the best for the studentry.

The positions at stake is more than it looks like. It is decorated with responsibility, liability and accountability. It is more than glitz and glamor, it is earning blood and sweat for the students.

I appeal to the students of DLSU-D, GO OUT AND VOTE for the student elections. As I always says during my 2007 campaign for CLASC presidency:

"Walang Karapating Magreklamo ang Taong Hindi Bumuboto"

Go out and let your thought be heard, talk to those who are running for the student council and exchange point of view. It is very helpful for them to know what you need and want. What are
your interests and ideas for future projects.

By these, we can reduce or even end passivity within the realms of our school.

Personally, I don't want the student leaders to experience again what I had experience during the 2008 Student Elections. Approximately, 1,800 students voted during that elections out of 10,000++ student population.

Painful? Yes it was. I had this thought of additional votes can change the course of history, and can prevent further problems.

I am hopeful that when I wake up on Sunday, the declared winners are those who are elected by the students of DLSU - D that deserves to serve for the benefit of their fellow students.

(February 7, 2009)
Indeed, life it too short to waste time. It was a heart warming conversation with him. During that time, he is not a thesis teacher, nor a faculty of the Communication Arts Department. Rather, he is a son that longing for his father.

"Lagi siyang nagmamadali...kita mo, umalis siya ng hindi nagpapaalam..."

Thursday, was the day when the incident at Trece Martires happened. As of the publish of this blog, 11 are confirmed dead.

But it was more than that. Later that day, students heard something from our department. A very loud sound, someone is crying. That person is really hurt. It was our thesis teacher, and he was crying because his father past away during that day. It was a very heart breaking news when i heard it. I don't personally know his father, but the stress and fatigue that he experience from work is something not good when receiving that kind of news.

And last Saturday, BA and me, decided to go to the wake of his father. Upon reaching the place, we asked Mike to accompany us to go to the chapel inside UPLB. Going there, i am thinking what will be his reaction. Hoe are we going to approach him.

Then, when we the chapel, our teacher was sitting, talking to someone. And, suddenly he gave me a look and utter the words:

"Nasaan na ang thesis nyo?"

I was right. He will going to ask about it. And that really gave me the guilt, not only that moment, but also during the past days and upon hearing the news.

It was a joke that gave the moment a light approach. And then we headed towards the coffin and looked at his father. He was very peaceful, calm and serene. I guess, he was happy seeing his children being successful on their own fields.

During the night, we listen to his story. His travels abroad and wisdom that he taught to his children, especially to our thesis teacher. It was like listening to a student telling the lessons that his professor inculcated to him in the subject called life.

He is coping to what happened. A vulnerable man that shows smiles despite challenging times.

(January 13, 2009)
And then the fairytale was halted for a little bit..she is again far away but near to my heart.
It was one of the most memorable day in my life. She made me fell things that I haven't felt before, when she was in town.
It was nice to meet new people, this time from the Program Committee of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines at their National Headquarters at Ermita, Manila.

It was nice talking to them and talking about how do I meet dawn and everything that goes around it. And of course,some reminders to me.

Thanks to all of the people at Program Committee. Ma'am Ginnie, Ma'am Febie, Ma'am Charmay and Ma'am Lay, and the Girl Scouts that are special to dawn's heart, you know who you are.

Thanks to Neil Lim, the President of the National Youth Parliament, for accompanying and getting a cab for us. Thank God she was able to get on her flight.