Friday, December 12, 2008

Wider Horizons, Bigger Responsibility

Before anything else, I would like to greet over the internet, (even thoough, I have already greeted her over the phone) my beloved Tita Ann!
She is the reason why I am at De La Salle University - Dasmarinas. She is the reason why I am reaching places (becuase of the cost of the fare going here and there) and of course of my inspiration.
Thank You Tita and Belated Happy Birthday!

Speaking of Inspiration, It has been 1 month today since she said "yes" to me. I would like to greet my floor leader, dawn, a Happy Montsary to you! ^__^
You are the most independent young lady that I have ever meet. You are very free spirited and free minded. That's why I respect and love you. ^__^

One of the most wonderful smile I have ever seen. Thanks Darren for this shot.

It was 10th of December when we are invited to a courtesy call at the House of Representatives by the Committee of Youth and Sports Development, headed by that day by the Hon. Mark Llandro Mendoza, which happens to be my alumnus, in - lined with the Linggo ng Kabataan. This courtesy call serves as the presentation of the event and results happened during the 7th National Youth Parliament last November 7 - 11, 2008 at Development Academy of the Philippines, Tagaytay. 

It was also a venue for our youth leaders to discuss and ask matters that concerns the Filipino youth to the Committee on Youth and Sports Development. 
This is also to wave the support of the National Youth Parliament on the Reproductive Health Bill, the Magna Carta for Students and the SK Reform Bill

Leaded by Commissioner Benjie Oliva, commisioner representing visayas and Mr. Pol Melisa the Chief Operating Officer, we listened to some of the committee hearings wich are  the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Good Government and Sub - Committee on Railways. It was fun, not only being recognized during committee session, but the things that happens during the session. Also, it was a lot of fun meeting the "law makers".

But of course the reason why we went there is for the Committee on Youth and Sports and Development. It's my priviliged to meet my fellow lasallian and a graduate of my alma mater Hon. Mark Llandro Mendoza, the chair of the committe stated above. The presentation was leaded by our NYP President Neil Lim. He presented the accomplishments of the 7th NYP during the sessions and endorsed six (6) resolutions to the House of Representatives. Everything was fun, including the question and answer portion that made us gain additional information and knowledge about certain things and matters.
Some of the Parliamentarians with the Hon. Mendoza and staff for the Committee on Youth and Sports Development

The Plenary Hall, Bigger at  TV, Smaller in Reality

We got the priviliged to be toured inside the House of Representatives, its archives and to the plenary hall. Plus, we have gift packs and now some trivia (hehehehehe) like the oldest and the youngest member of the HOR. And the most special would be the food.

And then, as Manny Pacquaio came in to the HOR, the Represetatives started to came in, and after that, after Manny left the members also was reduced.

We also saw Vidal and Jeffrey. Yey!

Shot with Vidal. Too bad Jeffrey was not around.

After our stint at the House of Representatives and going to Gateway for some dinner. I called Dawn and eventually, it was not like a "private" conversation because it was more of a "work" as she talked to Neil for some updates about the NYP. Too bad Jordan and Jeff was the first two to leave that they haven't the time (and the kulitan moment) to talk to Dawn. After the call, we separate our ways. Aian, Darren and his friend catch a ride to Bicol Region. While Me, Dindo and Neil headed to look for a cab and search for the Adarna Food and Culture. 

Adarna Food and Culture's emblem

It was at the Katipunan road, almost near at the Eliptical Road. When we arrived at the place, Kiko (Bugoy look - a - like), also a parliament member, was waiting for us and welcomed us warmly. 

The place was full of people with advocacies. When we arrived, it was Hon. Lagman, was talking on the stage. I felt excitement of meeting of new people and, believe or not, a little shyness. 

It was a Christmas party, and like an night to honor the Human Rights and the people who supports RH Bill. 

Cheers with Dr. Flavier

We saw, the faculty members of Ateneo De Manila University, who supports the RH Bill, Member of the HOS who also supports the Bill, private individual who has their advocacies and the Son of Dr. Juan Flavier, which by the way confirmed that the attending physician during I and my two other siblings was the sister of the former senator.

Belo only touches our skin, who touces yours?

The night was a fruitful one and opened us to ideas that will give NYP its worth.

We call for the members of the 7th National Youth Praliament. Participate, if not physically, thru new media.
Kung gusto, maraming paraan. Kung ayaw, maraming dahilan.

There is this commitment that bonds us. But there is this responsibility that defines us.

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