Saturday, January 3, 2009

The First for Oh- nine!

People of the world, Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year!
Beyond any religion, beyond any beliefs, this season reminds us about the true meaning of giving.

This year's Christmas was one of those that is very simple...yet meaningful. Beyond the gifts, beyond the food, I felt the real meaning of Christmas with my family.

December 20,2008 was one remarkable day for us as Amber and her friend Malcolm stayed here in the Philippines. After days of planning with Reggie, Al, Ron and JP, we were able to give them a good treat of what to see in Mega Manila and in the Metro. The most challenging part for me was the walk at Marikina Riverbanks, though, when you have someone to talk with, the tiring walk is just a simple walk at a sari - sari store. I also have the privileged to sleep in Reggie's home and meet his adorable siblings and have a chat with his mother and grand mother, I miss that kind of conversation. I already meet Reggie's parents when we checked in during the orientation program for the Japan East Asia Network for Students and the Youths.The trip ended on December 23, 2008 at NAIA Terminal 3 with me and Reggie. It was a bittersweet moment, as for me, I hate goodbyes. The friendship that was started during the ASEAN + 3 Youth Festival was a genuine one, and this will continue as long as there is Facebook, SMS or any other platform that will cross the distance for both parties.How I wish that I have the money to go back to Singapore and Japan.

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December 28, 2008 the day that we spent some time with the children of St. Rita in ParaƱaque. It was fun doing it, not because we are required to do it, but because we like to do it. Ever since, I like children, specially the toddlers. It's amazing to look at their faces and just be amused with their innocence. It was fun playing with them, but I had fun talking to them. Sometimes, talking to them gives you the simplicity on the conversation, for them life is not complicated. It was the Woot - Woot with Jack featuring Josh (younger bro of Jen, one of the Woot - Woot) day with the children. Thanks to Woot - Woot girls for "adopting" me to the group for this wonderful endeavor.

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2008 was a great year for me. Ups and Downs, it was worth the ride. This year made me experience many things: defeat, opportunities, triumphs, challenges, trials, hardships and overcoming it, and most of all, testing your faith and belief. It was one hell of a ride. 2008 is the year when I experience love in all means. Aside from my parents, relatives and friends/classmates, there is this person that I am sharing it in all ways...words are not enough to express how much I love you Dawn, and just like what you always says, our relationship is not a liability but an asset for both of us.

These are the 10 wishes that I have for 2009 and beyond (With no Particular Order):

1. To be with Dawn, Forever.
2. To have a Job, hell Yeah!
3. To have a PSP, since my IPod Shuffle was stolen this year.
4. To treat my family to Enchanted Kingdom
5. To go to Davao
6. To go back to Singapore
7. To have a house and lot for my parents
8. To graduate on - time
9. To go back to Japan and visit my foster family at Ibaraki - ken
10. To not be late for about 30 minutes or more...