Monday, May 25, 2009

Unconditional Love

I am fortunate enough to be part of the Lasallian Youth Commission as one of its facilitators last May 16 - 21, 2009 at La Salle Greenhills. 

Kuya keane told me: “Welcome to the Lasallian Youth Commission” upon giving the crucifix.
It was one casual moment that I will treasure in my lifetime.

As the workshop/meeting goes on, I then realize what I am longing for when I left DLSU-D. As I saw it thru the eyes and smiles of the participants, I told to myself, this is what I missed…big time. 

Hearing Br. Arianne Lopez, FSC talk about the LYC during his time and our time, it is really a dream come true for those that are hoping to make a change for the betterment of the Lasallian youth and for our country. “You are making history, take this opportunity to make a change…”

I have been to many conferences, seminars and forums, locally and internationally, but there is nothing like the Lasallian way. It was one hell of a moment for me as I look at them. And I told to my self that I should do this again. I should help lasallian youth for them top grow to help to make a better Philippines. I unconditionally love La Salle and my country, the Philippines. This 2010 elections, let your voices be heard.

The youth sector can elect the next President of the Philippines. Register and Vote. Participate and be active.

As what Engr. Jun Lozada said to all of the Lasallian Leaders, “Be a diamond, Share the Light”

The hopes are high for the 2009 – 2010 National Executive Committee of the Lasallian Youth Commission. And we are here to be your back –up, ready to support and help you guys. Rektikano!

A million thanks to Ate Vanez and Kuya Keane for the wonderful opportunity that you had given me, until next time. And to all of the Lasallians that I had meet during the LYC Summer workshop/meeting, It is my honor to be part of your journey. ^_^


And there she goes…

Asking permission from ate Vanez and Kuya Keanne, I was able to go out of La Salle Greenhills and went to Greenbelt 3, specifically at Sentro last May 17, 2009 to bid farewell to my friend, Areum Cha. It was a very quick but sensible night. Actually, all of the possible topics that we could talk about were already discussed before the night. The chapter was ended, and we need to flip the page. And I believe she is happy with her life now, and that is being with her family.

The classic text message that I will treasure is: “…Im gonna miss you and the Philippines.”


Loving unconditionally can make you think and do things that you do not imagine that you will do on a regular basis. Even though you are hurting yourself, as long as you see that person happy, you will take a step further for that person.

In my case, I have been into a painful relationship. And I thought that I will never really feel the “love” that I felt before and during that painful relationship. Actually, I cannot believe that I will utter the phrase:

“I will always be here for you, not matter what. All I want is to see you happy…”

Then I realized, yes I love unconditionally, and I am not waiting for anything in return…because she loves somebody else.  Yes it was like a real poke in the heart. But the reason why we love is for us to see the ones we love happy. And that’s my goal.

Then Romeo Soriano and I had this conversation a while ago. We have similarities when it comes to love, we are hopeless romantic. During the conversation, he shared to me a song of Incubus entitled Monuments and Melodies. The part of the song that really hit me was:

You make me happy
You magnify my better half
You make me certain
Though all I have today is your photograph

Yes indeed, All I have is her photograph, a simple reminder for me that I should not let the day past without even smiling. And I will never get tired to bring joy to your life. Thank you, for giving me the reason to smile and believe in the concept of love.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Why Not Now?

Someone asked me, "Dude, have you applied for SSEAYP (Ship for South East Asian Youth Programme)?
They had extended the deadline, two days after your birthday bro..." and I said "Nope, not know" and He replied "Why not now?"

Honestly, I still don't know the answer to that question. Maybe because I need to work, find myself so that when I represented the Philippines again, I am in the whole pieces again?
I really don’t what should I answer to that question. But one thing is for sure, that SSEAYP is part of top ten things I should do before I die. One day, I'll ride the Nippon Maru!

For those who are going to be interviewed for SSEAYP, best wishes!


“Dude, do it. Go to Dangwa (Manila). Buy her donuts. Take the risk. Fall. Smile. That’s the thing called love.  If you fall, cry, shout, depressed…let it be. It’s what you get from becoming too fascinated with love. It’s yin – yang, positive and negative. Good riddance.”

This was the text message of my friend Macy at around 8:00am of the 14th of May. Before that, I do have doubts of going out of my comfort zone and try my “luck” again in love. So by reading this text message, it really gave me a boost in my morale.

Since I told my mother that I will be leaving again, (since I went to my Alma Mater on the 13th of May for my clearance and thesis), and giving no reason at all that I will go to Manila, she asked me If I could go to our house at Paranaque city and see my Tito, I said yes.

Why not now do the things that make me feel happy? So , off I went to Manila. First stop at Ayala, Makati to buy some donuts. There, I fetched Brenfred who is very patient enough and cooperative with my plans for this day.

Next stop, Dangwa.( That was my first time to go to that place Hahahahaha.)

When we arrived at the Bangbang LRT Station, I have no idea where to go. Then I told Bren (translated in English) “Dude, if there is still no buses or jeepness that will go to Dangwa, we will ride a cab…” And that was what happened. The people there are so nice. Kudos to the people at Dangwa, especially to these two.

Off we went to our final stop, the target location.

Carol2, Michael "The Animated", Carol1

Another satisfied customer of Krispy Kreme.
KK Philippines, is there any complimentary donut? Kudos KK Philippines!

Brenfred "The Wonder Brown Bread"
Thanks Bren, I owe you a lot!

Anyway, summarizing what happened next, it was short but a happy moment for me. I don’t want to mess up their meeting so off I went to Parañaque, to meet my Tito.

Thanks to the Supreme Student Council (As corrected by the current president LoL) of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. We apologize for buldging in on your meeting! Nice meeting all of you! Hope to see all of you soon again.


I consider the children (my cousins) of my Tito(the eldest brother of my mother) as the closest cousin that I have on my mother side. And after a year, my tito and me had seen each other again and talked about so many things. College life, Bar, Partying, Me being a silent type of guy (yes I am quite when I am at our place), my dreams, plans for the next months, pregnancy, love and relationship and the pain that comes with it. It was a very sensible conversation that we had. I believe among my cousins, at my age of 20, I am the one that can I have a conversation like that to my Tito, to my Tita and to my Lola. You know the mature talk. Anyway, he told me that he is more than willing to help me with my plans; I just need to coordinate with him, my Tita (the youngest sister of my mother) and my other Tito (the youngest brother of my mother).

The conversation was long that I left our house at around 11:00pm that I needed to walk out of the subdivision because there is no more tricycle. Upon reaching Alabang, I was fortunate enough to catch the last trip of the van going to our place at Laguna. I reached our home at 12:58am. It was a very fruitful day that I told my self: “Why not now make a blog entry?”


Why not love now and express it?

I remember watching for the first time the VCD that Macy gave to me as my 19th birthday present. Fresh from Iligan City, we gathered and gave this CD of the movie RENT. Seasons of Love is a wonderful song. But watching the movie itself was way more than wonderful. The true essence of friendship, dreams, struggles and triumph are on that movie. But the most important thing that I learned from that movie was the tagline of the movie itself…. NO DAY BUT TODAY.

It was a life changing move for me, to be able to do things in one day as much as possible. Maybe that’s the reason why I wanted to do things I wanted to do. To attend seminars as a venue to widen my horizons, to travel and see how beautiful the environment, to appreciate a lot of people, to comfort someone that badly needs it, to take a pause out of a busy life. And in some point, I learned to love unconditionally. 

It was a move for me that I could hurt myself. And I accepted that fact. I have no regrets of doing a lot of things to show people that I care for them and love them. I have no regrets of telling that one should eat meals and not skip it. I have no regrets of spending my time, if I personally know that, that person deserves my time and attention. I have no regrets of falling, crashing and burning. I have no regrets of starting all over again. I am not expecting anything out of life. I believe that I should be the one discovering it. And I did. But there are things that you cannot have. But a friend told me awhile ago…maybe it is not now. Well, I really hope it is like that. Maybe that’s the greatest thing that someone could do, to love, unselfishly, unconditionally. That’s the only thing that I could offer. I have no riches, no flashy cars, just myself and my sincerity.

As what I told to James (Kho) awhile ago, maybe I am fated to serve others. I know the road is still long for me. That’s the reason why I am not expecting (hmmmm..just a little expectations will do), for me not get hurt that much. And by having a lot of patience, really helped me a lot.

So, what’s the sense of this entry….I really don’t know. As per advice of my friend, I should blog about it. Express what I am feeling. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Challenges in Life, just SMILE at it. Just what she do, all the time

In every conference that I went to, there is this impression that you are giving to you co-participants.
I remember, when I went to Singapore, that first impression that made there was "womanizer" that really made me laugh.
But, it was changed into an impression of a funny, articulate guy that is fun to be with.

This time, at the World Creative Youth Forum, maybe I made an impression to some other delegates that is usually embedded to me, that I am an arrogant guy. 
Actually, that is also the secret weapon that the "opposite party" used against me during the University Elections.
Anyway going back to the topic, it is really hard to prove to people that you are not that kind of person.
Thankfully, there are some people that had seen my "soft side", especially when it comes to love and relationship. 

For me, it really come to a point that made me wondered on my real character, and what does other people think about me. I think one of my friends was right, that I am too conscious about my "image".
I guess that was then. As days go on, we get to learn a lot of things in life. Lessons that make us stronger and wiser, in reality there will be people that will really throw sh*t on you. And there are some that will really not like you. But, there are few people that will really appreciate you as a person. I’m not saying that you should not adjust to the environment, but what I am saying is that there is this aura of all people that will not change, and by that getting to know that person means a lot, rather than judging that person.

I am glad that I have met a lot of people at WCYF, including this person that really made me smile after a long time and made me realize that I should not forget to smile, despite of a hardworking day.


These past few days, my family is experiencing some financial difficulties, different from that past. But I guess we can pull this off. By this, I really need to find a job so that I could help my family. Damn the typhoons in the summer.
Anyway, I guess life is just testing us, on how we are strong during hard times. And this time, we will face it like it is just a piece of cake.


Ok Mimay, this is you favorite part! ^__
During the Lasallian Press Conference 2008 around May (My second LSPCON that I have attended), I have met this girl that serves as our Liaison Officer. I find her really sweet and cute.
Her name is Emily Singbenco a graduate of BS Education. We've known each other for one year now, and basically, she's really helping me out during difficult times, especially on my heart breaks.
And now, I hope she find her true happiness in love (you know what I meant mimay! hahahahahaha).


Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 13 '09) I'll be back to my alma mater, DLSU-Dasma for me to submit for editing our thesis, to meet arvin (my thesismate) and to meet the new set of officers of Lasallians on Lenses and to process my clearance. 

Aside from that I will meet jayson, the guy that repaired my Laptop before, for him to repair my external hard drive. For those people that know my external hard drive (yup, the blue colored small rectangle thingy) it was f*cked up becuase of my brother. I hope it can be repaired for it has all the data that I am keeping for the past 3 years, or should I entire life was there. (the pictures, the documents, the projects that I made when I was in college...etc.)

I hope it can be repaired.


This week was the anniversary of the first batch, pioneer batch of JENESYS (May 2008)
I was part of the Ibaraki - ken group which I am the youth leader for that group. Anyway, i made a video for our group. I finished this two videos around april, but i decided to publish just now, in time for the anniversary. The video is supposedly 4 parts, but as of the moment i just finished 2 of them. Anyway, the video is more of like a photo story (with music) of what we did in Intercon and Japan.