Monday, June 22, 2009

A True Lasallian Lensman

I was invited to attend a Lasallian Formation for Alumni.
There was Br. Ray Suplido and a lot of Alumin coming from my current workplace.
It was a sunday.
It was inspiring because the last speaker qouted one of my favorite Bro...Bro. Ceci.
After the event, I went to the Bro's residence

I was at a Coffee shop when Milcah texted me, at first I ignored it because it was too bad to be a joke.
Then Garet texted me, and I replied to her saying "Hindi magandang, biro yan..."
Then while walking going back to my workplace, someone texted me again, and it was Lendl saying the same news.

I went directly to Bro. Arian to confirm it and when he opened the door...
I asked: "Bro totoo po ba?"
He interupted me by saying: "Yes it's true, He is no longer with us..."
And that was a crying moment for me and at the same time, a mocking moment for Bro. Arian.
I asked God before I slept last night:
"Is it really his time?"
"Is his mission really over?"
And thru a dream, Bro answered.
Macy and I were texting that night.
And I told her, "If I am going to be a Brother, He is one of the reasons..."
Though, He also thought me that even if you are not a FSC, you can live the life of being a FSC.
The stories he told us, truely inspired our souls.
I woke up, went thru the door and saw him standing in black shirt with cream colored not sure.

But the main thing that he said to me, "tapos na ang mission ko..." while smiling at me and comforting me.

Then someone came on our way, it was the priest, the parish priest. Im not sure if he was the priest from the Lasalle Dasma, Fr. Lino or the priest from LSGH.
We had a conversation with the priest. It was short, but the priest told me to go not sure.

Then off we went, to an office nearby. I saw the secretary, she was low and sad, and she told me "Oh, hindi ka ba pupunta?" And i just smiled at her.
The guy that I am with went to directly to a door and I followed him to get his DSLR. He said "Hay, nakalock, si Dodo talaga oh..."
Then suddenly, we both look down, he is now wearing the rabbat, the black rabbat and white slippers.

I saw myself in the mirror. My hair is a mess, and I am wearing the FTK '09 T-shirt.
Then the secretary was looking at me while saying "Oh, hindi ka ba pupunta?", and then off we went to a grassed area.
And he was talking about me continuing what I do and at the same time doing it at my best.
I accompanied him to his chair in a chapel or a church with a high seiling and tapped him at the back and said: "Bro thank you..." He smiled at me, and I smiled back at him.
Upon leaving that moment, a girl (Knowing that I am seeing someone that is not there) was looking at me and said to her: "Alam ko. Mas nanainisin ko pang nasa ganung state ako, kung makikita ko naman siya..."
I don't know who the girl was, but she looked at me then her attention was diverted into the parade of sakristan scattering some ashes. I can't describe the urn, but i saw it.
Then afterwards, Bro Dodo was there marching away with the sakristan. Then I saw a friend of mine at the novitiate who is reportedly to be thin and we had a conversation
I woke up.
It was a dream within a dream.

It was Br. Ceci.
He was calm.
Hind masasayang ang mga kwento niya.
Hina masasayang ang mga aral na naituro niya sa atin.

He is more than a Lasallian Brother.
More than a story teller.
More than a teacher.
More than a lensman.
More than an animator.
He is a life well lived.

I'll miss you Lolo Ceci.
You’re one of the coolest Bro.

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